Happy Halloween everyone! I thought I would share one last Halloween Craft with you all before we move on to the next great Holiday~Thanksgiving! This craft idea just came to me today when my little one was down for a nap and I had a couple of hours to kill. I was rummaging through my craft room looking for inspiration and I came across some old letter stickers that I had used for my son’s birthday party and some scrap fabric. That gave me the idea for a fun Modern wall decor idea. Here ya go!


Pretty easy set of supplies for this craft 🙂 Just go diggin’ through your old frames and grab on that’s a fairly decent size. The letters might be a bit trickier for some of you if you don’t have an established stash of craft supplies. These are super fun letters that I found at a local shop called “The Scrapbook Nook” and I’ve used them for several other projects. I’m sure you could find these at either Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby though. Hopefully you keep old remnants of fabric lying around like I do! Grab a piece that is suitable for Halloween, also some scissors, hot glue gun and ribbon. You are set!


First thing is to do is use the hot glue gun to secure the fabric to the backing insert. Tightly pull the fabric and glue as you go. This ensures that the fabric will not ripple and wave due to slack.


When you are finished, flip it over and make sure it looks close to the above image. If so, we’re ready to move on to the next step!


Now time to apply the letters. A little tip that I always do is apply the middle letter first in the center of the insert. That way you are pretty accurate when placing the other letters on either side and you don’t have to keep adjusting it because it is not centered.


And…it should look like this! Pretty adorable, huh?! Final and last step is to add the ribbon for hanging. You’re almost done!!!


Take your glue gun and dab a small area towards the outer corner of one side of the frame. Then apply the ribbon, at an angle. This allows for the ribbon to be guided in the right direction when you gather the two ends and tie a ribbon in the center. Apply to the other side.


And you are done! Super easy…SUPER cute! Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! Looking forward to starting some Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned!!!




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I know I’ve been posting A LOT about Holiday Crafts lately, so I thought I would switch it up and chat a little bit about another passion of mine…Refinishing Furniture! Oh, how I love to transform an old, under-appreciated, “lost it’s luster” piece and restore it back to it’s magnificent self! It’s not only the art of painting and distressing that I enjoy, but the thrill of the find! That “diamond in the rough” that you come across in a thrift store or calling your name on craiglist, screaming “Help Me!” Hehe! Anyways. It’s fun. I enjoy it. So here are a few pieces that I have painted…let me know what you think!











Planning to get my paws on some more pieces here soon! Thanks for browsing! Til next time!

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Can it be true?! A sweet little banner for above the mantel or wherever your little heart desires for less than $5 to make and takes less than 5 minutes?! Yes, it is true my friends and the best thing of all….you can erase the lettering & reuse it time and time again for other Holidays! Hurry, no time to waste! Let’s get started!!!


Only a few supplies needed this time. A hole puncher, desired string, piece of chalk, and chalkboard coasters (you can find these at Joann Fabrics/pack of 10 for $2.99). And that’s it!


Start by writing out whatever saying you please on your coasters. Remember, you only have ten coasters. You can buy more if you please (but that would exceed the $5 limit on this craft and that means I would have to change the name to this post & then it wouldn’t sound as catchy ) 🙂 Also, allow for little drawings on your banners beginning and end if you prefer too.


Next, punch 2 holes at the top of the coasters. Make sure your holes are evenly dispersed. I used the scallop trim already printed on the coaster as a guideline for punching. Continue with the rest of the coasters.


Lastly, thread your string through your punched holes on the coasters. Remember to allow ample room on each end so that you have enough string to hang it. And just like that, you are done!!!



How easy was that?! And not to mention VERY adorable! And once Halloween is over you can just erase the letters and write “GIVE THANKS” on them for Thanksgiving in only a few short minutes! Thanks for tagging along everyone! Look forward to another crafty creation with you soon!


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Okay…so I gotta tell ya. I have a lot of left over “Halloween” themed supplies that I have GOT to use up this week! So you will start to see a theme of supplies in the next few posts. Today’s featured craft is a Spoooooky googly eyed frame! My MIL gave me some old frames she wasn’t using and that gave me the inspiration for this craft. The thing I love about this is that I can reuse this each year and put photos of my precious boys in their Halloween costume. Pretty fun and special, right?! Okay, enough with the chit chat…let’s get started!


Supplies needed for this craft are your trusty scissors and hot glue gun, alphabet stamps, ink pad, and desired paper from the previous project, a pencil, handful of googly eyes, and some square cut wood chips for the lettering (you can buy these at Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby/big pack for only a few dollars).


First things first, stamp out the saying that you would like on your frame. I chose “SPOOKY” 🙂 Make sure you leave plenty of space between the letters to leave room to cut out for placing on wood chips.


Once your stamped letters have dried, take your pencil and trace around the letter with the wood chip. Be sure to center the square piece over your letter when tracing. Cut out the pieces when you are done.


Get ready to plug in that hot glue gun! You’re gonna need it for the next few steps. Go ahead and glue the stamped letters onto the wood chips making sure that they are centered on the square.


Next, place your letters wherever you please on the frame so you can just left and glue. This helps make sure your placement is accurate when you’ve started gluing your pieces down. You are almost finished!!!


Get ready for some fun! Last step is placing the googly eyes on your frame. Mix and match different sizes of eyes to give some variety to the placement on your frame. And just like that…you are done! Such a fun and easy project that you will each Halloween to come!


Stay tuned for more crafts the rest of the week! Happy Crafting All!


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Hello Everyone! I’ve been just a crafting fool this week due to the stormy weather FORCING me to stay inside…twist my arm (hehe!). You all ready for another Halloween craft? Well this one is a bit more advanced and time consuming but believe me, you will love how this sweet little piece of wall art turns out and will have it for seasons to come! Alrighty…here we go!


Okay, I know what you are thinking…”holy moly! That’s a whole lotta materials!” Yes, there are a lot of tools and supplies that you need for this craft, but I bet you have at least half of them hangin’ out in your desk or tool box! These items are staples for your craft room so you will thank me when you invest in these.


First step is to paint the board the color of your choosing. I chose just a soft creamy white. I started thinking after the fact that it would be fun to paint this piece in chalkboard paint to add fun lettering. For another time, I suppose!


Next, is to trace out a pumpkin and choose it’s features. I went onto lovely ole Pinterest and typed in “Pumpkin Faces” and it came up with all sorts of fun ideas for eyes, nose, etc. Have fun with this but don’t make your features too complicated…you’ll have a hard time getting the string art to turn out right if the details are too fine. Cut out your pumpkin with scissors (you can use an x acto knife for the facial features if that is easier). Place your pumpkin on the board where you would like it and keep it there for the next step.  


Grab that hammer and 1/2″ nails for the next step and get ready to work! Place a few nails surrounding the pumpkin to keep the stencil from moving while you place the remainder of the nails to complete the pumpkin shape.


Your pumpkin should look more or less like the above image. Make sure that when you take out the stencil, you get a good idea of what the image looks like. This will be helpful when you are starting your string. Add more nails if need be.


Start by tying a not around one of the nails…preferably towards the bottom. Then start wrapping the string around each of the nails, looping the perimeter of the pumpkin and it’s features with desired colors.


Now it is time to have fun! Wrap the string in any which way your little heart desires! I do have to warn you…the yarn may slip off of the nails so make sure you keep a tight grip on the string as you’re wrapping it. Your fingers may start aching towards the end but keep that grip. You’ll be pleased with how it turns out, I promise!!! I mean… just look at how cute that finished pumpkin is on the left!


So this part is up to you. I chose to stamp “BOO!” on some left over paper I had from the previous project and add my stamped lettering to that. But you can also just apply the stamps directly to the board. Just let me warn you…if you do mess up the stamps on the board, it is a bit tricky to repaint and perfect your lettering.


Last step is the add the string to hang your wonderful little handmade creation! Use a hot glue stick and scissors to apply the string to the length you desire.


Voila!!! You have finished your string art sign! So stinkin’ cute, isn’t it?! Now…where to hang it? 🙂 Have fun with that and keep checking out Glitter & Glue’s blog for more fun holiday crafts! Thanks!!!

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Hey Y’all! Can you believe that there is less than 1 week until Halloween?!?!

Now that the Fall weather has officially arrived in Seattle (it has been unusually warm around here for all of you non-washingtonians) , I’ve been gettin’ my craftin’ on around here and have come up with this sweet little banner easy enough for even beginner crafters to make! You only need a few simple tools and supplies to bust this out so let’s get started!!!



Select your craft paper. I would suggest using 4-5 different types. A couple solids, one with texture (I used the gold glitter because…well..why not!) And another 1-2 with some sort of pattern. I chose polka dots cuz I’m a sucker for some polka dots! 🙂

Next, grab some cute string or ribbon, and some fun letters. By the Way, I picked all of this stuff up at Joann Fabrics. As far as tools, all you need are a good pair of scissors, large circle patterned puncher (I got mine from Hobby Lobby, but you can also get this at Joann Fabrics), and a hot glue gun! You are officially ready to get started!!!


First, punch out an even amount of circles from all of your selected paper. Make sure you punch out quite a few. And don’t worry, if you have any leftovers, they make great table decor for hosting a Halloween party or even just thrown about around any other decorations you have throughout the house.


Next, you can start putting your pumpkins together! Layer the three evenly together with a solid color on top. I alternated black and orange as the top layer to give some cohesiveness to the sign. Use the black paper to make little stems for the top of the pumpkins. I used a hot glue gun to glue it all together.


Once your pumpkins are made, you can start putting your letters on. I chose this sweet little gold font for the lettering to echo the gold glittered paper. I thing for gold right now…what can I say 🙂


Last step is to hot glue your string on for the banner. As you can see, I left plenty of room on either end to make sure your banner can span the length of the area you are hanging it. Also, try and space out your letters as evenly as possible and leave a good amount of space in between the Happy and Halloween. You’ve are done! How easy was that?! Now you have a lovely little Halloween banner to hang just in time for Halloween!


Be sure to follow me over the next week and throughout the Holidays for more fun and easy DIY decor ideas to make your place “homemade” festive! Thanks so much for reading!!!

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