Hey Y’all! Can you believe that there is less than 1 week until Halloween?!?!

Now that the Fall weather has officially arrived in Seattle (it has been unusually warm around here for all of you non-washingtonians) , I’ve been gettin’ my craftin’ on around here and have come up with this sweet little banner easy enough for even beginner crafters to make! You only need a few simple tools and supplies to bust this out so let’s get started!!!



Select your craft paper. I would suggest using 4-5 different types. A couple solids, one with texture (I used the gold glitter because…well..why not!) And another 1-2 with some sort of pattern. I chose polka dots cuz I’m a sucker for some polka dots! 🙂

Next, grab some cute string or ribbon, and some fun letters. By the Way, I picked all of this stuff up at Joann Fabrics. As far as tools, all you need are a good pair of scissors, large circle patterned puncher (I got mine from Hobby Lobby, but you can also get this at Joann Fabrics), and a hot glue gun! You are officially ready to get started!!!


First, punch out an even amount of circles from all of your selected paper. Make sure you punch out quite a few. And don’t worry, if you have any leftovers, they make great table decor for hosting a Halloween party or even just thrown about around any other decorations you have throughout the house.


Next, you can start putting your pumpkins together! Layer the three evenly together with a solid color on top. I alternated black and orange as the top layer to give some cohesiveness to the sign. Use the black paper to make little stems for the top of the pumpkins. I used a hot glue gun to glue it all together.


Once your pumpkins are made, you can start putting your letters on. I chose this sweet little gold font for the lettering to echo the gold glittered paper. I thing for gold right now…what can I say 🙂


Last step is to hot glue your string on for the banner. As you can see, I left plenty of room on either end to make sure your banner can span the length of the area you are hanging it. Also, try and space out your letters as evenly as possible and leave a good amount of space in between the Happy and Halloween. You’ve are done! How easy was that?! Now you have a lovely little Halloween banner to hang just in time for Halloween!


Be sure to follow me over the next week and throughout the Holidays for more fun and easy DIY decor ideas to make your place “homemade” festive! Thanks so much for reading!!!

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