Hello Everyone! I’ve been just a crafting fool this week due to the stormy weather FORCING me to stay inside…twist my arm (hehe!). You all ready for another Halloween craft? Well this one is a bit more advanced and time consuming but believe me, you will love how this sweet little piece of wall art turns out and will have it for seasons to come! Alrighty…here we go!


Okay, I know what you are thinking…”holy moly! That’s a whole lotta materials!” Yes, there are a lot of tools and supplies that you need for this craft, but I bet you have at least half of them hangin’ out in your desk or tool box! These items are staples for your craft room so you will thank me when you invest in these.


First step is to paint the board the color of your choosing. I chose just a soft creamy white. I started thinking after the fact that it would be fun to paint this piece in chalkboard paint to add fun lettering. For another time, I suppose!


Next, is to trace out a pumpkin and choose it’s features. I went onto lovely ole Pinterest and typed in “Pumpkin Faces” and it came up with all sorts of fun ideas for eyes, nose, etc. Have fun with this but don’t make your features too complicated…you’ll have a hard time getting the string art to turn out right if the details are too fine. Cut out your pumpkin with scissors (you can use an x acto knife for the facial features if that is easier). Place your pumpkin on the board where you would like it and keep it there for the next step.  


Grab that hammer and 1/2″ nails for the next step and get ready to work! Place a few nails surrounding the pumpkin to keep the stencil from moving while you place the remainder of the nails to complete the pumpkin shape.


Your pumpkin should look more or less like the above image. Make sure that when you take out the stencil, you get a good idea of what the image looks like. This will be helpful when you are starting your string. Add more nails if need be.


Start by tying a not around one of the nails…preferably towards the bottom. Then start wrapping the string around each of the nails, looping the perimeter of the pumpkin and it’s features with desired colors.


Now it is time to have fun! Wrap the string in any which way your little heart desires! I do have to warn you…the yarn may slip off of the nails so make sure you keep a tight grip on the string as you’re wrapping it. Your fingers may start aching towards the end but keep that grip. You’ll be pleased with how it turns out, I promise!!! I mean… just look at how cute that finished pumpkin is on the left!


So this part is up to you. I chose to stamp “BOO!” on some left over paper I had from the previous project and add my stamped lettering to that. But you can also just apply the stamps directly to the board. Just let me warn you…if you do mess up the stamps on the board, it is a bit tricky to repaint and perfect your lettering.


Last step is the add the string to hang your wonderful little handmade creation! Use a hot glue stick and scissors to apply the string to the length you desire.


Voila!!! You have finished your string art sign! So stinkin’ cute, isn’t it?! Now…where to hang it? 🙂 Have fun with that and keep checking out Glitter & Glue’s blog for more fun holiday crafts! Thanks!!!

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