Okay…so I gotta tell ya. I have a lot of left over “Halloween” themed supplies that I have GOT to use up this week! So you will start to see a theme of supplies in the next few posts. Today’s featured craft is a Spoooooky googly eyed frame! My MIL gave me some old frames she wasn’t using and that gave me the inspiration for this craft. The thing I love about this is that I can reuse this each year and put photos of my precious boys in their Halloween costume. Pretty fun and special, right?! Okay, enough with the chit chat…let’s get started!


Supplies needed for this craft are your trusty scissors and hot glue gun, alphabet stamps, ink pad, and desired paper from the previous project, a pencil, handful of googly eyes, and some square cut wood chips for the lettering (you can buy these at Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby/big pack for only a few dollars).


First things first, stamp out the saying that you would like on your frame. I chose “SPOOKY” 🙂 Make sure you leave plenty of space between the letters to leave room to cut out for placing on wood chips.


Once your stamped letters have dried, take your pencil and trace around the letter with the wood chip. Be sure to center the square piece over your letter when tracing. Cut out the pieces when you are done.


Get ready to plug in that hot glue gun! You’re gonna need it for the next few steps. Go ahead and glue the stamped letters onto the wood chips making sure that they are centered on the square.


Next, place your letters wherever you please on the frame so you can just left and glue. This helps make sure your placement is accurate when you’ve started gluing your pieces down. You are almost finished!!!


Get ready for some fun! Last step is placing the googly eyes on your frame. Mix and match different sizes of eyes to give some variety to the placement on your frame. And just like that…you are done! Such a fun and easy project that you will each Halloween to come!


Stay tuned for more crafts the rest of the week! Happy Crafting All!


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