Can it be true?! A sweet little banner for above the mantel or wherever your little heart desires for less than $5 to make and takes less than 5 minutes?! Yes, it is true my friends and the best thing of all….you can erase the lettering & reuse it time and time again for other Holidays! Hurry, no time to waste! Let’s get started!!!


Only a few supplies needed this time. A hole puncher, desired string, piece of chalk, and chalkboard coasters (you can find these at Joann Fabrics/pack of 10 for $2.99). And that’s it!


Start by writing out whatever saying you please on your coasters. Remember, you only have ten coasters. You can buy more if you please (but that would exceed the $5 limit on this craft and that means I would have to change the name to this post & then it wouldn’t sound as catchy ) 🙂 Also, allow for little drawings on your banners beginning and end if you prefer too.


Next, punch 2 holes at the top of the coasters. Make sure your holes are evenly dispersed. I used the scallop trim already printed on the coaster as a guideline for punching. Continue with the rest of the coasters.


Lastly, thread your string through your punched holes on the coasters. Remember to allow ample room on each end so that you have enough string to hang it. And just like that, you are done!!!



How easy was that?! And not to mention VERY adorable! And once Halloween is over you can just erase the letters and write “GIVE THANKS” on them for Thanksgiving in only a few short minutes! Thanks for tagging along everyone! Look forward to another crafty creation with you soon!


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