I have to say, today was a pretty spectacular day! We woke up to some VERY unexpected snow, and a good amount at that. The Fam and I went to our favorite U-Cut tree farm, hunted for the perfect 10 footer, put up exterior Christmas tree lights, decorated the tree and watched a Christmas favorite- The Polar Express. A great start to the official Christmas season and as festive as could be! We had planned on getting our tree today (the snow was an unexpected treat!) so I got out the ornament and garland bin in preparation. I noticed as I was digging through my poorly organized supply, due to that extreme laziness of “de-Christmasing” last season that I was in need of a new garland for this year’s Christmas tree. And I don’t know about you, but have y’all noticed how EXPENSIVE store bought garlands are these days?! Sheesh, a mere fortune! Golly! So I got to thinkin’…I have seen some fabulous Holiday card stock out lately…why not make my own garland for a fraction on the price?!?! I have a sewing machine and the large hole puncher, and I just needed to snag up some of that beautiful paper and I was set to create a one-of-a-kind garland that costs only a few bucks. I’m gonna show you how easy this is to make and you too can make one for your tree this Holiday season as well!



Like I had mentioned, you only need a few materials and supplies to create this yourself. Grab that large hole puncher that we have used in past crafting sessions, 6-8 thick cardstock papers in Seasonal prints, your sewing machine (hopefully you have one!) and a pair of scissors to cut loose threads with. Only a short list compared to other crafts, huh?! 🙂


Start punchin’ away! Make sure you utilize the paper well and get the most punches out of the cardstock. Go ahead and punch through all 6-8 cardstock papers. You should have a huge pile once you are done!


Next, you want to stack your circles together in a pattern. I have 3 different styles of circles that I needed to alternate in the stack. Red glitter, silver glitter, and then damask pattern and back to the red is how I placed mine. By the end, you should a stack almost 4″ tall! Ha!



Time to run it through the sewing machine. Make sure your bobbin is fully threaded and your tension and stitch length are between a 1 and a 2. And you are set to start sewing! Put the first circle under the needle and press on the gas 🙂 Once the circle has run through allow the machine to fold a few stitches and gently place the next circle under the needle and feed it through. Continue doing this until you are done with your garland!



You are now ready to hang this beauty on your tree! Didn’t it just turn out lovely?! Have fun decorating your tree…it is one of my most favorite traditions of Christmas! Looking forward to crafting with you on another Christmas goody!



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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! I sure hope you enjoyed time with with Friends and Family and stuffed yourself silly with Turkey and Potatoes! So, we spent this Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s house…and boy was it crazy! But to be expected. See I have a loud and ROWDY family but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 There is always games or competitions or a crazy theme planned around these get togethers, annnddd since the Seahawks were playing the 49ers, it was only fitting to have a “Hawks” themed Thanksgiving. So this included everyone dressing up in Seahawks gear head to toe, a game pool with cash winning prizes, and, of course, a competitive game between the Aunts and cousins. You see, my family drinks wine…A LOT of wine. And we are always wine tastings with concealed wines, taking votes on the winner. This Thanksgiving, it was a rivalry between the BEST Seahawks themed wine bag or carrier; winner takes home the grand prize! Rules of the game. 1) $10 and under wine. Red or White of your choice. 2) The wine must be concealed so that others don’t know the brand of which they are drinking. 3) Decorate it however you please; come up with a “themed” bag or just deck it out in any Hawks gear you can find. 4) Have fun! That’s it. So, of course, I was up for the challenge. Anything that involves crafting is just calling me name.



I am just kicking myself for not documenting this whole venture. I honestly left this to the last minute and on top of the many other preparations you have to make for this lovely Holiday, I found myself pulling this together quite quickly. If there is enough interest though in finding out how this was made, I would be glad to tackle this craft again; sharing the step by steps with you all! But for now, I will just show you a few after shots of this extremely fun project!



This was kinda a fun little addition. I added a LED tea light to the top of Space Needle to “illuminate” the 12th Man Flag. Cute huh?! It looks really great with the lights dim and the number “12” lit up, my 6 year old son got a kick out of that! 🙂


It was between mine, a couple of Lombardi trophies, the “Seahawks Grandma” (my Mom made that one, pretty stinkin’ cute), and a few others vamped up with adorable Hawks gear. The family took a vote. And the winner was…..The Space Needle! Got a great prize of a Seahawks flag, buttons, and a decal for the Family car. I was quite happy!!

Hope you all enjoyed this wonderful Holiday and made time to give thanks for all that you are thankful for!

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Okay Y’all! Are you ready for some Christmas Craftin’? Oh boy, do I have some goodies in store for all of my lovely crafty friends! I started out with this DIY Glitter Joy Wall Art because…well…I LOVE Glitter! Hence “Glitter & Glue” 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I find that the Holiday time is the perfect excuse to over do it on the glitter. I went to the store and bought gold glitter, red glitter, iridescent glitter….I think I have an addiction. Enough with the chit-chat (I have a tendency to go on-my apologies), let’s get to crafting!



As I mentioned in my last blog post, I went to Hobby Lobby the other day just to get some inspiration on Christmas Crafts to make this Holiday season. I came across the Snowflake and the letters and thought-oh how fun would these be on a canvas! Found the gold glitter and that absolutely adorable black & white stripe with gold polka dots print fabric and I got giddy with excitement! I seriously could not wait to get started on this project…as soon as the Hubby was home, I nudged the kids his way and began doin’ my thang 🙂



Alrighty, step 1: bust out that mod podge and paint brush & start layering on that glue. Make sure you make this process pretty quick, we don’t want it to dry too fast before sprinkling the glitter on. Put a generous amount of glue on there, sprinkle a good amount of glitter on the pieces and let them dry. It shouldn’t take too long to dry so just set aside for a few moments while you move on to the next step.


Next, grab your canvas, desired fabric and scissors. Lay out the fabric print side facing down and then lay your canvas bottom side up on the fabric. You are going to then take your scissors and cut around the canvas leaving a 3 inch gap so that you can wrap the fabric around the back on your canvas and secure it.



Ready to grab your staple gun! Make sure that thing is locked and loaded and begin to staple away! Pull your fabric securely behind the canvas and staple to the wood frame. Don’t pull too tightly, we don’t want the pattern to look wonky on the front…make sure you are aware of that as you are stapling. A little tip…staple one side and then staple the opposite side of the frame almost like you are drawing a cross. Don’t staple in a circle, this way your tension is tight and even when stapling. Sure hope this makes sense!


When you are done stapling, cut the remaining fabric down to about 1/2″ to 3/4″ to the staples. This will make your canvas lay nicer on the surface that you are placing it on.


And voila!!! It should look like this! Cute, right?!



This next step is not a necessity for this project but it is a sweet little touch 🙂 They are just little pieces of faux picture hardware. I found them in the stamping isle at Hobby Lobby and I just couldn’t resist getting them! Make sure you cut off the extra little piece that is attached to it so that you have a flat surface to hot glue the piece down on all 4 sides of your canvas.


Time for the last step! For this, you need to rapid fire that hot glue gun and get as much glue on there and place it down on the canvas before it dries! My heart always starts racing and I can feel my blood pressure rising when ever I have to glue something that is of significant size down with the hot glue gun! On one hand…I love working with a hot glue gun because it dries quickly and is pretty durable, but on the other hand, you only have a short time frame to get that sucker full of glue and find the right placement to plop it down before your hour glass (or should I say “5 second glass”) has run out! At any rate, be fast and be efficient my friends!





You. Are. DONE!!! Isn’t it so cute?! I just love how Modern and sophisticated this piece is and with a touch of Glam!!! As always, have fun figuring it out where to hang your new piece of art!

I probably won’t get around to another Christmas craft until the weekend…traveling down to Portland to see the one and only JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! Super Duper excited! Have a great weekend all and I look forward to the next crafting session with you!

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It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year!!! Don’t you all think?! As I was unpacking all of my Christmas decorations, I came across a few handmade decor items that I had created the last Holiday that I wanted to share! Hope you all don’t mind that I do not have step by step directions on how to make these little beauties, but hey, who knows…maybe I’ll recreate these sometime this Season!


Awe, I am still in love with these little cuties! I had so much fun making them too! If you couldn’t tell by now, I LOVE making string art! Sure it is a tedious and sometimes painful process, but nothing beats the end result! I have these hanging in my Kitchen so I get to see them and enjoy them often. Oh, and the little pom-poms were the perfect touch on these three!


For the “string of lights” on the Christmas tree, I hot glued sparkly sequins to it to add that sense of glow. If any of you are interested in how to make these, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the post and I would gladly help you!


And now for my Christmas wreath! Okay, is it just me or does all of the stores charge an arm and a leg for their pre-made wreathes?! It is just NUTS how much they cost…I’ve seen some pushing a hundred bucks! That’s just crazy talk!!! Especially when you can make your own, one-of-a-kind, customized and dare I say GORGEOUS wreath for between $25-$40. I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby for this gem and a very simple list I may add. Just pick up one of their inexpensive template wreaths, a box of glitter snowflakes in the color of your choice (for the base of the wreath) and chose between 6-10 fancier ornaments to layer on top. Hobby Lobby always (or seems to be always) has their Holiday decor priced at 40-50% off, so you can splurge on those more expensive ornaments that are so worth it in the end result. Hot glue those puppies on as you please and you have a gorgeous wreath ready for hanging!


Just a little tip, make sure you lay your ornaments out before gluing down and take a step back to look at it. You want to make sure that it all is aesthetically pleasing before you make it permanent 🙂

I just did a HUGE craft store shopping trip and stocked up on a bunch of Christmas goodies, so get ready for some super fun crafts to arrive here in the next few weeks! Looking forward to crafting with you this Holiday Season!


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Oh goodness! I feel like it’s been AGES since I have last blogged! Boy, did I miss it! And since I was gone for quite a few days, I decided to surprise you with…dun da da duuuunnnn! A CHRISTMAS Craft! I have officially decorated my home for Christmas and that means bring. on. the. Christmas. Crafting!!! 🙂 This one might look familiar to you. I decided to redo my Fall Chalkboard Art and add some Christmas flare to it! Why not reuse old crafts right…especially since it is so easy to change up. Let’s get to it, shall we?!



Okay. Supplies needed for this craft are: your Chalkboard framed art (that you used in the previous fall craft. If you didn’t make it already…shame on you! Just kidding! Just grab a canvas and a frame, and leave the rest to me), Chalkboard paint, hot glue gun (of course!), Scissors, Sparkly thread, mini pom poms, needle, piece of chalk, and left over sequin ribbon from the past few Thanksgiving crafts. Got it all? Hope so!


Start threading your needle. Make sure that the hole on the needle is big enough to thread your thread through. I bought Embroidery thread; it is thicker and more noticeable against the chalkboard (plus it’s pretty and sparkly!). Thread your pom poms to be about an 1″ to an 1 1/2″ apart. Make your garland to be about 2′ long. You may not need this much but better to be safe!


Your Pom Pom garland should look like the above photo. Make sure you leave extra room on the end of your garland just in case you need to add more poms. Put this aside for a bit!


Time to draw your Christmas Tree on the canvas. I chose just a simple triangular tree. I love the simplicity of it, especially when you start jazzing it up with the garlands. Grab a wet rag just in case you mess up and need to correct yourself! 🙂


Time to get that hot glue gun HOT! Once it’s ready, unravel a good length of sequin ribbon and begin dabbing a small amount of glue on the upper tracing of the tree. Glue the end down. Then diagonally lay your ribbon across to the other side of the tracing and dab again, followed by quickly pressing your ribbon down until is dries. Keep repeating this back and forth until you reach the end of your tree. Cut the remainder of ribbon off and ravel back on to the spool. Now time to put your cute little a pom pom garland on!


Now, repeat what you did with the sequin ribbon but with the pom garland…only start on the reverse side. Does that make sense? In the above pictures, I started the sequin ribbon on the left-top of the tree, so with the Pom garland, start on the top-right and crisscross overlapping the sequins. Once you’ve reached the end, cut the remainder of the pom pom garland off.


Your cute little tree should look somewhat like this! Isn’t it adorable! And better yet…you are almost done! Hopefully you still have a steady hand at this point, because you are about to use your best hand writing in the next step!


“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Treeeee!” Humming this actually helped when writing this out. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get nervous when I am writing things out on my crafts because once I make one mistake, I make them a million times over! Luckily, I only had to erase and re-write twice. Phew!


When writing it out, curve your words so they almost appear like a wreath wrapped around your tree. Add a pretty little detail on the bottom and you are DONE! Now you have the first of many to come (if you follow the blog) of handmade decor for this Christmas Season! Have fun Decorating and til next time!

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Happy Sunday Everyone! It is a gloomy one here in the Northwest, so what better to do than…CRAFT! Am I right, y’all?! Today I thought I would, yet again, switch up the Holiday crafting with some jewelry making. I got this idea when I found an old necklace that I have start to fall apart. It was a gorgeous necklace with gorgeous beads and I thought ‘I can’t let these lovely beads go to waste!’. So that’s when it occurred to me that I need to make something special with them. And being that I have been drooling over some beautiful Druzy necklaces on Etsy, I figured…why not make one of my own! This is so easy, it will blow your mind! Let’s get to it.



Short list of supplies for this one. The tools you need are in the photo above. Glue gun (of course, you know me by now :)) , grab your meat tenderizer from the kitchen, a couple heavy duty zip lock bags, a pendant frame (shown above), pretty beads, and a chain. That’s it!



Get ready to get some aggression out! It’s time to bust up some beads! Put your chosen beads in one of the zip locks, close it, and then place that bag in the second zip lock you have. When you are smashing these, they can rip through the bag so we want to make sure that you double up. Start hammering away! Make sure you are making the pieces small enough to fit in to the frame of the pendant but you also want to have a little bit of variety in the size of the pieces to add interest to the final result. Once you are done, empty the bags into a small bowl and set aside.



Go ahead and plug in your hot glue gun. When it’s hot, put a layer of glue on the bottom of the framed pendant. Quickly, pour a bit of your beads onto the hot glue. Let them dry and, careful, apply another of glue onto of the glue and repeat putting sprinkling more pieces on. If needed, dab glue in desired places and add extra pieces if you feel like it needs a few more beads. Let dry.

Once your pendant is dry, you can now add it onto your chain and YOU ARE DONE! Super-duper easy huh?! And look at how pretty it is! Perfect for upcoming holiday parties if you ask me 🙂 Have fun coordinating outfits for your new piece and stay in touch for more DIY projects to come!





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So, I am a big believer in re-using the supplies and materials you have until they are gone. As some of you may know, purchasing materials for your crafts can get pretty spendy…so lets use some materials from previous projects to save a little dough (especially since we are creeping up on Christmas-YIKES!). So what do you guys think about the wreath in the picture above? It’s quite pretty, isn’t it? And the best part is…you have about half or more of the materials and supplies in your closet! Let’s get started!



Materials and supplies shown above for what is needed. The wreath, if you all are wondering, was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I did buy this a few seasons back, but I am pretty sure that they still have this available. The scalloped card stock was purchased at Target, but again, I’m sure you can find this or something like it at Hobby Lobby as well. Bust out those stamps and stamp pad again, Gold Sequin ribbon, the gold polka dot wrapping paper that we used in the “Thankful” garland, a few buttons you have hangin’ around the house, scissors, and your hot glue gun 🙂



Let’s start making those fans again. Fold your 6″ long paper, flipping back and forth while folding, in about 1/2″ widths. Cut your pieces in quarters and then cut the length of them in half (it’s like a math lesson!). Do this with the scalloped cardstock paper as well (to make 2 fans). Cut on the scallop edge about 1 1/2″ in and for the length of the paper. Then fan fold the scallops, folding in the middle of scallop and at the end of each scallop. Check out the images below for visual instructions.



Once you have all of your folded fan strips, add hot glue on to each of the ends of the fanned edges and glue together. Fold into the center to make the circular fans. Add some hot glue in the center and *pinch* until glue is dry. Check out below.



The most time consuming part is over! Yay! On to making the sweet little banner that drapes across the wreath!


Cut little flags out of the leftover card stock paper you used earlier. Cut out 10 pieces for the letters.


Time to add the letters! Careful when you are stamping, it is very easy to mess up. Be patient!



Once your letters are dry, it is time to add them to the sequined ribbon (which is absolutely adorable, wouldn’t you say!). Use your hot glue gun and glue the ribbon over the letters. Easiest way is to flip the ribbon over and add a strip of glue, flip your letters over and gently place them towards the top edge of the flag. Make two separate banners, one with “GIVE” and the other with “THANKS”. Almost done!!!



Let’s go ahead and glue the banners on to the wreath! Place them how ever you please and wrap the ribbon towards the back, tacking down with hot glue in inconspicuous places. It’s getting there!



Last step!!! Take those buttons that you found and glue them into the center of the card stock fans. Then place the fans on your wreath, staggering them and adding the solid card stock fans on top to give some dimension. And you are done my friends!



Now to place this sweet little wreath on that front door of yours, so all the neighbors can “oooo and ahhh” over your newest handmade creation! Have fun all! Stay in touch for more Holiday crafts to come!


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Hello Everybody! I sure hope you enjoyed the last Blog Post, I had such a great time making that one-of-a-kind piece! I wanted to share with you a few noteworthy projects that unfortunately did not get any recognition (on my part) earlier in the Fall. And darn me, I didn’t record the “step by step” process of making them! Boo! But I can give you all a quick overview on what supplies are needed and how I made the project! Here we go!


First, this sweet little Chalkboard Pumpkin sign. Isn’t it adorable?! And perhaps one of the easiest crafts to make yet. All you need is to get this sign from Hobby Lobby (I believe it was only like $5 after the holiday decor discount that was going on), chalkboard paint (a crafting staple…if you don’t have any, get some!), felt leaf stickers, paint brush, and chalk. All you have to do is paint your pumpkin with the chalkboard paint (2-3 coats is good), add the stickers to the stem and write a cute little saying on it and you are done! Easy as pie, right?! And super cute! IMG_2817

On to the Burlap Fall Banner! Another easy craft! Supplies: Burlap flags (4 pk. sold at Hobby Lobby for $5), leftover black chalkboard paint, twine string, paper, and felt. Of course scissors and a hot glue gun are a must for putting it all together. First, trace out your letters. I actually just searched fonts on Pinterest and hand copied the font that I like. I did this on regular white copy paper and made sure my letters were accurate in size and scale to each other before I cut them out. I then traced the letters onto the burlap so that I can start filling it in with paint. Next, I (again) went on Pinterest and looked up “leaf patterns”, chose a few that I like and hand traced them onto the felt, followed by cutting them out. Lastly, Plug in that hot glue gun and while accurately spacing out your letters, glue them onto the twine. Lay out your felt leaves and glue them on however you please. Voila! You are done! And this is a great bunting banner you can have up from Sept. 1st to Dec. 1st!!!


For the final Decor Craft, this one is a bit more detailed as far as what you need and how to execute this craft. You need: Canvas (choose your size. I think mine is a 18″w by 24″h), a frame matching in size, your trusty chalkboard paint/hot glue gun/scissors, twine, scrapbook paper (grab 4-5 different patterns), and any extra little details you want to add. I found some sweet little pumpkins at Joann Fabrics that I thought would be a sweet little touch to this sign. First, paint your canvas with the chalkboard paint (2-3 coats needed). Second, while the paint is drying, you can start working on your pumpkin bunting for the top of the canvas. Remember the “Easy DIY Pumpkin Halloween Banner” blog post that I did? If you don’t, just scroll down to the bottom of the blog page and you will find it. Go ahead and copy the steps that I did for making the pumpkins. Oh! I forgot to mention busting out that large hole puncher for making the pumpkins. Glue those sweet little guys on to the twine and set aside. Next, adhere your canvas to the frame. Use a hot glue gun if necessary. Keep that glue gun plugged in so that you can put the bunting on each of the top edges. Make sure your little pumpkins are placed accurately and you have plenty of space below to write your saying. Lastly, grab your chalk and write what ever your little self desires! Remember, it’s just chalk. If you mess up, you can always erase and start over. Add any extra details (like my pumpkins) and you are done! Have fun figuring out where to hang it!

And that’s it my friends! Have fun keeping yourselves busy with all of that crafting! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions…I am here for all of your crafting needs! Thanks!

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Howdy All! So, there is a bit of a background story as to where I got the inspiration for this DIY craft….and don’t worry…I’ll stick to the short version 🙂 For my day job, I work as an assistant to an Interior Designer. I was rummaging through some of my samples, putting pieces in piles and “ahhhh” (insert angels singing), I got this great idea of using them as some sort of fun and funky wall art piece. I found some old tea light holders in my buffet drawer, some copper jewelry wire and the rest is history!


Alrighty people, get ready for it! YOU CAN MAKE THIS FOR PRACTICALLY NOTHING!!! I’m not gonna lie, you’re gonna have to run a couple of errands to gather the supplies, but seriously, I’ve seen pieces like this at Crate and Barrel for $50 sometimes $60! That’s nuts! Okay, so here is where you start. Go to Home Depot and grab about 10-15 different FREE samples of wood laminate pieces. Vary your wood grain selection, it makes for more of an interesting piece. Next, go to the dollar store and grab some tea light holders. If you can’t find any there (sometimes inventory turns over quickly) just go to a store like Fred Meyer where they have anything and everything you could possibly need. You may even be able to find the copper jewelry wire there as well, if not, you can find some at Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. Super Glue, Hot Glue Gun, Plyers, and a few nails is all you need. Let’s get started!


Start laying out your design. Stagger your wood tones and grains, along with the direction of the pieces. Leave “negative space” areas in your wall art (this makes for good places to hang it) and make it have an overall nice shape to it.



Start gluing your edges together. Adhere the “base” together and then wait to the layered pieces…we will get to those. Please allow for plenty of time for the pieces to dry properly, this assures your piece will stay intact when you have it hung on the wall. And for Pete’s Sake, don’t get glue on anything important or glue your crafty little fingers together (I’ve done that. Not fun.). I used my hot glue gun on any areas that needed some extra adhering.


Your piece should look somewhat like the above image; base glued together with loose pieces placed on top. Double check that it is secure in all places with adhesive. If you are going to be using this for a candle holder, I WANT you to make sure that sucker is solid.


Now that you know where you would like your top pieces to go, we need to start applying the wire that holds the candle holder. I highly recommend that you take a photo of the layout of your pieces (that way you can remember what you want it to look like after your apply the wire). Take the glass holder and pull wire tightly around to get the form for the measurement you are going to manipulate. Take the glass holder out and set aside. With your plyers, gently twist the wire, fold into a loop, and twist one more time. When the knot is tight, cut the remaining wire off.


Above is a detailed image of what it should look like. The hole in the center is crucial for when you are nailing in to the wood sample to secure it.


Take those loose pieces and with a hammer and nail, secure it to the piece. Do this to all four (or however many you decided on your design) and get ready to adhere to the piece.


And you are done! Just use a couple of nails to secure it to the wall and you have a beautiful new handmade wall decor piece people are going to be drooling over! Thanks for Crafting with me!!!



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It’s Thanksgiving crafting time! YAY! As much as I love Halloween, it is fun to move on to another season and switch up the crafts 🙂 Are you all ready to make an irresistibly adorable fan garland?! No time to waste…let’s get started!


Supplies you are going to need for this craft is your good ole trusty hot glue gun and scissors, large hole puncher, card stock paper of your choice (I chose a white cardstock with sweet little embossed polka dots), twine, letter stickers and wrapping paper of your choice. I found some great paper out of the recent stock that Target has (shown in the next few photos). I like wrapping paper for making fans because it is #1-cheap, #2-easy to manipulate #3-if you mess us, you have plenty for back up! On to the first step.


Start punching some holes out! You don’t need too many so make sure your keep track of the amount you are punching out. I chose to use the phrase “Thankful” so I am only in need of 8 punchouts. Next, put your letters on the circles. Set these aside for later.


Let’s start making our fans, shall we?! Cut out an approximate 8″ width by 24″ length piece of wrapping paper. Cut another piece with the same dimensions and you are set to start folding your fan.


When folding your fan, fold it in approximately 3/4″ folds, flipping your paper from the front to the back when you are folding. Be sure to keep your folds evenly in the width of the fold and straight when folding. Do this all the way to the end. DSC_0155DSC_0158

When you are done with your folds, cut the large piece in half. Then cut the two remaining pieces in half again. Essentially, you are cutting your original fan into quarters. This saves time in making your fans, rather than individually folding all small pieces into fans. Repeat with the other large fan piece. You should now have 8 – 2″ approximate fan pieces looking like the below picture.

DSC_0160 DSC_0167

Go ahead and plug in your hot glue gun. When ready, start gluing fans together by applying glue to the end fold and attaching that to the other end. You can then fold your folds inward towards the center to form the fan. Apply a little more glue and pinch in the center until it drys (this only takes about 5-10 seconds). Repeat with the rest of your fans. DSC_0168DSC_0171

Your fans should now look like these! How cute are they?! I could make a ton of these and probably find a million places around the house…that is how much I love them! We are almost done!


With the hot glue gun, apply those lettered circles we made in the beginning to the center of your fan. Only one last step and we are done!


Time to put the twine on! Look at each of your fans and grab the fold directly above the letter featured on the fan. Turn it over and that is the spot where you need to put a dab of hot glue. Then attach the twine, squeezing it a bit until it dries in only a few seconds. Continue on, making sure your are evenly spacing out your letters. And that’s it! Your garland should look more or less like the pictures below.

DSC_0225 IMG_2872

Have figuring out where to put your newly made…and I must say…pretty dang sweet, little banner! Stay in touch for more Thanksgiving crafts to come. And I hope you don’t mind…I miiiiigggghhhht be sneaking in some Christmas crafts in the next few weeks. My apologies-I just can’t help myself!!! 🙂 Happy Crafting!!

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