Hello Everybody! I sure hope you enjoyed the last Blog Post, I had such a great time making that one-of-a-kind piece! I wanted to share with you a few noteworthy projects that unfortunately did not get any recognition (on my part) earlier in the Fall. And darn me, I didn’t record the “step by step” process of making them! Boo! But I can give you all a quick overview on what supplies are needed and how I made the project! Here we go!


First, this sweet little Chalkboard Pumpkin sign. Isn’t it adorable?! And perhaps one of the easiest crafts to make yet. All you need is to get this sign from Hobby Lobby (I believe it was only like $5 after the holiday decor discount that was going on), chalkboard paint (a crafting staple…if you don’t have any, get some!), felt leaf stickers, paint brush, and chalk. All you have to do is paint your pumpkin with the chalkboard paint (2-3 coats is good), add the stickers to the stem and write a cute little saying on it and you are done! Easy as pie, right?! And super cute! IMG_2817

On to the Burlap Fall Banner! Another easy craft! Supplies: Burlap flags (4 pk. sold at Hobby Lobby for $5), leftover black chalkboard paint, twine string, paper, and felt. Of course scissors and a hot glue gun are a must for putting it all together. First, trace out your letters. I actually just searched fonts on Pinterest and hand copied the font that I like. I did this on regular white copy paper and made sure my letters were accurate in size and scale to each other before I cut them out. I then traced the letters onto the burlap so that I can start filling it in with paint. Next, I (again) went on Pinterest and looked up “leaf patterns”, chose a few that I like and hand traced them onto the felt, followed by cutting them out. Lastly, Plug in that hot glue gun and while accurately spacing out your letters, glue them onto the twine. Lay out your felt leaves and glue them on however you please. Voila! You are done! And this is a great bunting banner you can have up from Sept. 1st to Dec. 1st!!!


For the final Decor Craft, this one is a bit more detailed as far as what you need and how to execute this craft. You need: Canvas (choose your size. I think mine is a 18″w by 24″h), a frame matching in size, your trusty chalkboard paint/hot glue gun/scissors, twine, scrapbook paper (grab 4-5 different patterns), and any extra little details you want to add. I found some sweet little pumpkins at Joann Fabrics that I thought would be a sweet little touch to this sign. First, paint your canvas with the chalkboard paint (2-3 coats needed). Second, while the paint is drying, you can start working on your pumpkin bunting for the top of the canvas. Remember the “Easy DIY Pumpkin Halloween Banner” blog post that I did? If you don’t, just scroll down to the bottom of the blog page and you will find it. Go ahead and copy the steps that I did for making the pumpkins. Oh! I forgot to mention busting out that large hole puncher for making the pumpkins. Glue those sweet little guys on to the twine and set aside. Next, adhere your canvas to the frame. Use a hot glue gun if necessary. Keep that glue gun plugged in so that you can put the bunting on each of the top edges. Make sure your little pumpkins are placed accurately and you have plenty of space below to write your saying. Lastly, grab your chalk and write what ever your little self desires! Remember, it’s just chalk. If you mess up, you can always erase and start over. Add any extra details (like my pumpkins) and you are done! Have fun figuring out where to hang it!

And that’s it my friends! Have fun keeping yourselves busy with all of that crafting! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions…I am here for all of your crafting needs! Thanks!

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