So, I am a big believer in re-using the supplies and materials you have until they are gone. As some of you may know, purchasing materials for your crafts can get pretty spendy…so lets use some materials from previous projects to save a little dough (especially since we are creeping up on Christmas-YIKES!). So what do you guys think about the wreath in the picture above? It’s quite pretty, isn’t it? And the best part is…you have about half or more of the materials and supplies in your closet! Let’s get started!



Materials and supplies shown above for what is needed. The wreath, if you all are wondering, was purchased at Hobby Lobby. I did buy this a few seasons back, but I am pretty sure that they still have this available. The scalloped card stock was purchased at Target, but again, I’m sure you can find this or something like it at Hobby Lobby as well. Bust out those stamps and stamp pad again, Gold Sequin ribbon, the gold polka dot wrapping paper that we used in the “Thankful” garland, a few buttons you have hangin’ around the house, scissors, and your hot glue gun 🙂



Let’s start making those fans again. Fold your 6″ long paper, flipping back and forth while folding, in about 1/2″ widths. Cut your pieces in quarters and then cut the length of them in half (it’s like a math lesson!). Do this with the scalloped cardstock paper as well (to make 2 fans). Cut on the scallop edge about 1 1/2″ in and for the length of the paper. Then fan fold the scallops, folding in the middle of scallop and at the end of each scallop. Check out the images below for visual instructions.



Once you have all of your folded fan strips, add hot glue on to each of the ends of the fanned edges and glue together. Fold into the center to make the circular fans. Add some hot glue in the center and *pinch* until glue is dry. Check out below.



The most time consuming part is over! Yay! On to making the sweet little banner that drapes across the wreath!


Cut little flags out of the leftover card stock paper you used earlier. Cut out 10 pieces for the letters.


Time to add the letters! Careful when you are stamping, it is very easy to mess up. Be patient!



Once your letters are dry, it is time to add them to the sequined ribbon (which is absolutely adorable, wouldn’t you say!). Use your hot glue gun and glue the ribbon over the letters. Easiest way is to flip the ribbon over and add a strip of glue, flip your letters over and gently place them towards the top edge of the flag. Make two separate banners, one with “GIVE” and the other with “THANKS”. Almost done!!!



Let’s go ahead and glue the banners on to the wreath! Place them how ever you please and wrap the ribbon towards the back, tacking down with hot glue in inconspicuous places. It’s getting there!



Last step!!! Take those buttons that you found and glue them into the center of the card stock fans. Then place the fans on your wreath, staggering them and adding the solid card stock fans on top to give some dimension. And you are done my friends!



Now to place this sweet little wreath on that front door of yours, so all the neighbors can “oooo and ahhh” over your newest handmade creation! Have fun all! Stay in touch for more Holiday crafts to come!


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