Happy Sunday Everyone! It is a gloomy one here in the Northwest, so what better to do than…CRAFT! Am I right, y’all?! Today I thought I would, yet again, switch up the Holiday crafting with some jewelry making. I got this idea when I found an old necklace that I have start to fall apart. It was a gorgeous necklace with gorgeous beads and I thought ‘I can’t let these lovely beads go to waste!’. So that’s when it occurred to me that I need to make something special with them. And being that I have been drooling over some beautiful Druzy necklaces on Etsy, I figured…why not make one of my own! This is so easy, it will blow your mind! Let’s get to it.



Short list of supplies for this one. The tools you need are in the photo above. Glue gun (of course, you know me by now :)) , grab your meat tenderizer from the kitchen, a couple heavy duty zip lock bags, a pendant frame (shown above), pretty beads, and a chain. That’s it!



Get ready to get some aggression out! It’s time to bust up some beads! Put your chosen beads in one of the zip locks, close it, and then place that bag in the second zip lock you have. When you are smashing these, they can rip through the bag so we want to make sure that you double up. Start hammering away! Make sure you are making the pieces small enough to fit in to the frame of the pendant but you also want to have a little bit of variety in the size of the pieces to add interest to the final result. Once you are done, empty the bags into a small bowl and set aside.



Go ahead and plug in your hot glue gun. When it’s hot, put a layer of glue on the bottom of the framed pendant. Quickly, pour a bit of your beads onto the hot glue. Let them dry and, careful, apply another of glue onto of the glue and repeat putting sprinkling more pieces on. If needed, dab glue in desired places and add extra pieces if you feel like it needs a few more beads. Let dry.

Once your pendant is dry, you can now add it onto your chain and YOU ARE DONE! Super-duper easy huh?! And look at how pretty it is! Perfect for upcoming holiday parties if you ask me 🙂 Have fun coordinating outfits for your new piece and stay in touch for more DIY projects to come!





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