Oh goodness! I feel like it’s been AGES since I have last blogged! Boy, did I miss it! And since I was gone for quite a few days, I decided to surprise you with…dun da da duuuunnnn! A CHRISTMAS Craft! I have officially decorated my home for Christmas and that means bring. on. the. Christmas. Crafting!!! 🙂 This one might look familiar to you. I decided to redo my Fall Chalkboard Art and add some Christmas flare to it! Why not reuse old crafts right…especially since it is so easy to change up. Let’s get to it, shall we?!



Okay. Supplies needed for this craft are: your Chalkboard framed art (that you used in the previous fall craft. If you didn’t make it already…shame on you! Just kidding! Just grab a canvas and a frame, and leave the rest to me), Chalkboard paint, hot glue gun (of course!), Scissors, Sparkly thread, mini pom poms, needle, piece of chalk, and left over sequin ribbon from the past few Thanksgiving crafts. Got it all? Hope so!


Start threading your needle. Make sure that the hole on the needle is big enough to thread your thread through. I bought Embroidery thread; it is thicker and more noticeable against the chalkboard (plus it’s pretty and sparkly!). Thread your pom poms to be about an 1″ to an 1 1/2″ apart. Make your garland to be about 2′ long. You may not need this much but better to be safe!


Your Pom Pom garland should look like the above photo. Make sure you leave extra room on the end of your garland just in case you need to add more poms. Put this aside for a bit!


Time to draw your Christmas Tree on the canvas. I chose just a simple triangular tree. I love the simplicity of it, especially when you start jazzing it up with the garlands. Grab a wet rag just in case you mess up and need to correct yourself! 🙂


Time to get that hot glue gun HOT! Once it’s ready, unravel a good length of sequin ribbon and begin dabbing a small amount of glue on the upper tracing of the tree. Glue the end down. Then diagonally lay your ribbon across to the other side of the tracing and dab again, followed by quickly pressing your ribbon down until is dries. Keep repeating this back and forth until you reach the end of your tree. Cut the remainder of ribbon off and ravel back on to the spool. Now time to put your cute little a pom pom garland on!


Now, repeat what you did with the sequin ribbon but with the pom garland…only start on the reverse side. Does that make sense? In the above pictures, I started the sequin ribbon on the left-top of the tree, so with the Pom garland, start on the top-right and crisscross overlapping the sequins. Once you’ve reached the end, cut the remainder of the pom pom garland off.


Your cute little tree should look somewhat like this! Isn’t it adorable! And better yet…you are almost done! Hopefully you still have a steady hand at this point, because you are about to use your best hand writing in the next step!


“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Treeeee!” Humming this actually helped when writing this out. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get nervous when I am writing things out on my crafts because once I make one mistake, I make them a million times over! Luckily, I only had to erase and re-write twice. Phew!


When writing it out, curve your words so they almost appear like a wreath wrapped around your tree. Add a pretty little detail on the bottom and you are DONE! Now you have the first of many to come (if you follow the blog) of handmade decor for this Christmas Season! Have fun Decorating and til next time!

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