Okay Y’all! Are you ready for some Christmas Craftin’? Oh boy, do I have some goodies in store for all of my lovely crafty friends! I started out with this DIY Glitter Joy Wall Art because…well…I LOVE Glitter! Hence “Glitter & Glue” 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I find that the Holiday time is the perfect excuse to over do it on the glitter. I went to the store and bought gold glitter, red glitter, iridescent glitter….I think I have an addiction. Enough with the chit-chat (I have a tendency to go on-my apologies), let’s get to crafting!



As I mentioned in my last blog post, I went to Hobby Lobby the other day just to get some inspiration on Christmas Crafts to make this Holiday season. I came across the Snowflake and the letters and thought-oh how fun would these be on a canvas! Found the gold glitter and that absolutely adorable black & white stripe with gold polka dots print fabric and I got giddy with excitement! I seriously could not wait to get started on this project…as soon as the Hubby was home, I nudged the kids his way and began doin’ my thang 🙂



Alrighty, step 1: bust out that mod podge and paint brush & start layering on that glue. Make sure you make this process pretty quick, we don’t want it to dry too fast before sprinkling the glitter on. Put a generous amount of glue on there, sprinkle a good amount of glitter on the pieces and let them dry. It shouldn’t take too long to dry so just set aside for a few moments while you move on to the next step.


Next, grab your canvas, desired fabric and scissors. Lay out the fabric print side facing down and then lay your canvas bottom side up on the fabric. You are going to then take your scissors and cut around the canvas leaving a 3 inch gap so that you can wrap the fabric around the back on your canvas and secure it.



Ready to grab your staple gun! Make sure that thing is locked and loaded and begin to staple away! Pull your fabric securely behind the canvas and staple to the wood frame. Don’t pull too tightly, we don’t want the pattern to look wonky on the front…make sure you are aware of that as you are stapling. A little tip…staple one side and then staple the opposite side of the frame almost like you are drawing a cross. Don’t staple in a circle, this way your tension is tight and even when stapling. Sure hope this makes sense!


When you are done stapling, cut the remaining fabric down to about 1/2″ to 3/4″ to the staples. This will make your canvas lay nicer on the surface that you are placing it on.


And voila!!! It should look like this! Cute, right?!



This next step is not a necessity for this project but it is a sweet little touch 🙂 They are just little pieces of faux picture hardware. I found them in the stamping isle at Hobby Lobby and I just couldn’t resist getting them! Make sure you cut off the extra little piece that is attached to it so that you have a flat surface to hot glue the piece down on all 4 sides of your canvas.


Time for the last step! For this, you need to rapid fire that hot glue gun and get as much glue on there and place it down on the canvas before it dries! My heart always starts racing and I can feel my blood pressure rising when ever I have to glue something that is of significant size down with the hot glue gun! On one hand…I love working with a hot glue gun because it dries quickly and is pretty durable, but on the other hand, you only have a short time frame to get that sucker full of glue and find the right placement to plop it down before your hour glass (or should I say “5 second glass”) has run out! At any rate, be fast and be efficient my friends!





You. Are. DONE!!! Isn’t it so cute?! I just love how Modern and sophisticated this piece is and with a touch of Glam!!! As always, have fun figuring it out where to hang your new piece of art!

I probably won’t get around to another Christmas craft until the weekend…traveling down to Portland to see the one and only JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! Super Duper excited! Have a great weekend all and I look forward to the next crafting session with you!

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