Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! I sure hope you enjoyed time with with Friends and Family and stuffed yourself silly with Turkey and Potatoes! So, we spent this Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s house…and boy was it crazy! But to be expected. See I have a loud and ROWDY family but I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 There is always games or competitions or a crazy theme planned around these get togethers, annnddd since the Seahawks were playing the 49ers, it was only fitting to have a “Hawks” themed Thanksgiving. So this included everyone dressing up in Seahawks gear head to toe, a game pool with cash winning prizes, and, of course, a competitive game between the Aunts and cousins. You see, my family drinks wine…A LOT of wine. And we are always wine tastings with concealed wines, taking votes on the winner. This Thanksgiving, it was a rivalry between the BEST Seahawks themed wine bag or carrier; winner takes home the grand prize! Rules of the game. 1) $10 and under wine. Red or White of your choice. 2) The wine must be concealed so that others don’t know the brand of which they are drinking. 3) Decorate it however you please; come up with a “themed” bag or just deck it out in any Hawks gear you can find. 4) Have fun! That’s it. So, of course, I was up for the challenge. Anything that involves crafting is just calling me name.



I am just kicking myself for not documenting this whole venture. I honestly left this to the last minute and on top of the many other preparations you have to make for this lovely Holiday, I found myself pulling this together quite quickly. If there is enough interest though in finding out how this was made, I would be glad to tackle this craft again; sharing the step by steps with you all! But for now, I will just show you a few after shots of this extremely fun project!



This was kinda a fun little addition. I added a LED tea light to the top of Space Needle to “illuminate” the 12th Man Flag. Cute huh?! It looks really great with the lights dim and the number “12” lit up, my 6 year old son got a kick out of that! 🙂


It was between mine, a couple of Lombardi trophies, the “Seahawks Grandma” (my Mom made that one, pretty stinkin’ cute), and a few others vamped up with adorable Hawks gear. The family took a vote. And the winner was…..The Space Needle! Got a great prize of a Seahawks flag, buttons, and a decal for the Family car. I was quite happy!!

Hope you all enjoyed this wonderful Holiday and made time to give thanks for all that you are thankful for!

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