I have to say, today was a pretty spectacular day! We woke up to some VERY unexpected snow, and a good amount at that. The Fam and I went to our favorite U-Cut tree farm, hunted for the perfect 10 footer, put up exterior Christmas tree lights, decorated the tree and watched a Christmas favorite- The Polar Express. A great start to the official Christmas season and as festive as could be! We had planned on getting our tree today (the snow was an unexpected treat!) so I got out the ornament and garland bin in preparation. I noticed as I was digging through my poorly organized supply, due to that extreme laziness of “de-Christmasing” last season that I was in need of a new garland for this year’s Christmas tree. And I don’t know about you, but have y’all noticed how EXPENSIVE store bought garlands are these days?! Sheesh, a mere fortune! Golly! So I got to thinkin’…I have seen some fabulous Holiday card stock out lately…why not make my own garland for a fraction on the price?!?! I have a sewing machine and the large hole puncher, and I just needed to snag up some of that beautiful paper and I was set to create a one-of-a-kind garland that costs only a few bucks. I’m gonna show you how easy this is to make and you too can make one for your tree this Holiday season as well!



Like I had mentioned, you only need a few materials and supplies to create this yourself. Grab that large hole puncher that we have used in past crafting sessions, 6-8 thick cardstock papers in Seasonal prints, your sewing machine (hopefully you have one!) and a pair of scissors to cut loose threads with. Only a short list compared to other crafts, huh?! 🙂


Start punchin’ away! Make sure you utilize the paper well and get the most punches out of the cardstock. Go ahead and punch through all 6-8 cardstock papers. You should have a huge pile once you are done!


Next, you want to stack your circles together in a pattern. I have 3 different styles of circles that I needed to alternate in the stack. Red glitter, silver glitter, and then damask pattern and back to the red is how I placed mine. By the end, you should a stack almost 4″ tall! Ha!



Time to run it through the sewing machine. Make sure your bobbin is fully threaded and your tension and stitch length are between a 1 and a 2. And you are set to start sewing! Put the first circle under the needle and press on the gas 🙂 Once the circle has run through allow the machine to fold a few stitches and gently place the next circle under the needle and feed it through. Continue doing this until you are done with your garland!



You are now ready to hang this beauty on your tree! Didn’t it just turn out lovely?! Have fun decorating your tree…it is one of my most favorite traditions of Christmas! Looking forward to crafting with you on another Christmas goody!



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