The Christmas Tree is up and well lit, decorations all throughout the house, cinnamon and spice candle aromas fill the front room, and snuggled by the fire…this is a perfect evening to sit down and blog my latest craft endeavor! This lovely little gem was a sweet find and my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. Unfinished and ready for decorating, this piece cost me $5 and I had pretty much everything else to make this craft (well…almost everything. Had to grab the LED lights which cost about $7). But man oh man, under $15 to make this lovely piece which could cost much more at a retail shop?! I’m tellin’ ya, some of these crafts are so easy and can save you mucho bucks! Let’s get started on this cute lil tree, shall we?!



Supplies needed for this craft are pictured above. And the tree of course! 🙂 I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to decorate this piece when I started photographing the craft, so I just grabbed a recently used “Christmas” stash of goodies so that I could decide on a whim. The LED lights are a must. I picked these up at Home Depot when the Husband needed more extension cords for the exterior lights. I love these because they are cute and delicate little things and the wire bends and forms to where you need it to, which made it easy to mold around the tree and stay in place.


First things first, paint the tree. I just decided to paint her white. Nice and simple and makes the decorations pop! I just chose an inexpensive craft acrylic paint. Works just fine. Only needed a couple coats and dried quickly. Total, this craft only took about 45 minutes to make! Love the quick crafts with fun results!



Time to add the adornments! I found various sizes of sequins which looked really cute I thought! My Christmas decor is mainly Red & Silver with touches of Green, so this fit perfectly! Just add a dab of hot glue on the back of your sequins or what have you and quickly place it on your tree. They dry quickly, so though it make look like a lot of pieces to glue on, this part goes by pretty quickly!


I had some left over pom poms from a past project, so I decided to add one to the top. Hot glue that puppy on and that’s it! If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a sucker for sparkly little pom poms…I just think they are so stinkin’ cute! Don’t you?! 🙂



Last on the list is to wrap your tree with your LED lights. This is fairly easy due to the fact that the wire on the lights is bendable and molds however you please. So I basically just started at the bottom, tucked the end in one of the holes in the back of the tree, and wrapped it back and forth under the limbs so that it would stay. Once you get to the top, twist it around and continue back and forth down the tree until you reach the end. You should only have a bit of the strand left which is great! No wasted lights!


Finish it off by twisting the wire in the back to secure it and you are finished! Look at how adorable this thing is!!!



I have to say…this is cute in pictures but it honestly doesn’t do it justice in the photo. When it is lit, it looks so fun and festive! I put mine on the fireplace hearth…where are you going to put yours? ;

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