Hello Everyone! My apologies for being out of the Blogging scene there for a bit. My family went on a lovely little trip to Leavenworth for an extended weekend. Have you all heard of Leavenworth? If you haven’t, it is a MUST to visit in the state of WA. It is the sweetest little Bavarian Village tucked away in the mountains and it is just as magical as it sounds. This past weekend happened to be the kick off of the Tree Lighting Festival…a tradition that this lil’ town holds every year. We went shopping, admired the gorgeous lights, went sledding, took a horse drawn sleigh ride…oh, how I want to go back! If you don’t mind, I’ll post a few pics to see just how enchanting it was!








Okay, that was a few more than I planned! But doesn’t it look spectacular?! The PERFECT way to kick of the Holidays and put you in a holly jolly festive mood! Enough of that, let’s get started on a craft shall we?!

With all of this Holiday cheer, you would think I would have done a Christmas craft, huh? Haha, well no holiday craft for today but on to the next best thing…COFFEE! I am a coffee fean and I love anything & everything related to coffee. In fact, I have a coffee bar in my Kitchen with everything needed to make a delicious gourmet coffee. Only thing missing was a cute little piece of art to hang above my station. I have a leftover canvas from a previous project that I didn’t end up using and that’s where I came up with the idea of making a super easy yet super cute piece of art!


When I say easy, I mean EASY! Only 4 supplies and a couple steps & this craft will be complete and ready to hang in 30 minutes tops! Just grab a canvas, your chalkboard paint that you’ve used in past projects, a foam paint brush and a couple pieces of chalk, and you my friend are set! DSC_0193 Start by painting your entire canvas. Let it dry and add one more coat on top. Make sure you get around the edges and watch for dripping! The paint should dry fairly quickly between coats, I’d say five minutes or so should do the trick. DSC_0196 Once you canvas has completely dried, it is time for adding your saying! Have ready and steady hands (maybe you should steer clear of any coffee before starting this project :)) I always like to look up on Pinterest for different ideas on fonts. That is what makes this piece so cute is the different uses of fonts and color. I like the phrase “Coffee is Always a Good Idea”. Because…well…it is right?! Start writing away friends! DSC_0201 You can draw a cute lil’ coffee mug at the top with a heart above it, symbolizing your “love for coffee” hehe! 🙂 Once you have finished writing out your phrase, you are done! IMG_3209

How sweet is this?! And now ready for hanging directly above your coffee pot! Nooowww it’s time to sip your coffee and admire your new handmade piece of art! Enjoy!

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