15 Days until Christmas…15 FOLKS!!!! I say this every year but, I feel like time just flies by this month and goes faster & faster every year! I went out to grab the mail this morning and came back in through my front door and gasped! I had NO Christmas wreath hanging on it! This is a mere crisis people. As someone who has some sort of seasonal or themed wreath at her entry, it was very unusual not to have something up for my most favorite Holiday of all! So, during nap time, I decided to whip out this cutie! I’ll show how easy it is to make.



Okay, y’all know the drill 🙂 Here are the supplies needed for this craft. A foam wreath (super cheap/only like $4 at Hobby Lobby), 2 different types of card stock paper in Christmas theme, your choice of ribbon or string, buttons or misc. adornments, 2 snowflakes, a yard of your favorite Holiday fabric, hot glue gun, scissors, and Tree cutter. I originally included the hole puncher but decided not use it, so ixnay that one. Got it all? You’re set, let’s get to work!


Start punching out those trees! You’ll probably need about 8-10 each, just to play it safe.


Plug in your hot glue gun, and get ready to add some buttons to your cute lil’ trees. Make sure your disperse the colors of buttons that you use. I made sure to use different shades of red, white, and green to add some interest to my little garland. 


Once your trees are done, you start gluing them on to your chosen string. Add a dab of glue to the back top of your trees (preferably where the button is ad to add some durability to the garland) and quickly attach the string and press down until it is secure. Make 2 strands of garland with about 8 trees on each line. Set aside for later. 


Time to wrap the wreath! Take your yard of fabric and cut 8-10 3″ wide strips. Make sure you cut the strips in the correct direction of the pattern on the fabric that you prefer 🙂


Add a line of glue to the back side of the wreath. Quickly, place the start of your fabric strip down and make sure it dries and is securely on there. And when I say quickly, that means pretty quick. I don’t know if many of you have applied hot glue to foam but that stuff will quickly start corroding away! Continue doing this until your wreath is complete! 


Next, place your garland on the wreath however you please. I like to place mine like it is “sweeping” back and forth across the circular opening of the wreath. Add a drop of glue to secure the start of our ribbon on the rear side of the wreath, add another little dot at the end of your first garland. Repeat with the second string and end of it. If this doesn’t make sense, scroll down to see other photos with the garland attached.


Isn’t it so cute?! I just want to eat up these precious itty bitty trees!


Time for some finishing touches! Add some little buttons to your snowflakes by just quickly dabbing a tough of glue on top and placing your chosen buttons on top.


Place your snowflakes on the bottom right hand corner somewhat layered on each other; one dangling a bit off of the wreath. Glue those cuties on annnddd you are finished!!!!



So, SO cute huh?! I love that it has this whimsical feel to it! Thanks for crafting with me and til next time! 🙂

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