Only 5 more days until CHRISTMAS?!?! Holy smokes! I can’t believe it! I always get a bit sad come the week leading up until Christmas because I know that soon all of this festiveness will be soon gone until next season 🙁 But…let’s make the most of it over the next few days, shall we? I am super duper excited to show you all this next craft! I got the inspiration from a cute little shop in Leavenworth when I found these GORGEOUS rustic wood glitter snowflakes. But I couldn’t fathom spending $20 on each of them. 20 DOLLARS! That is nuts! So of course, I said to myself “I can make these!” and that is what I am showing you how to today!


Only a few supplies for this craft and far less money than buying those store bought snowflakes at outrageous prices! For only $3 for a pack of 50, you will have plenty of these sticks for future projects (and don’t worry…I’ll have a tutorial in the future using these puppies). Grab 3 different sizes to add variety to your snowflake, glitter, mod podge, your hot glue gun, and a couple of paint sticks. You’re set!


Start by taking a little wooden chip to glue all of your pieces on. Hot glue on the 4 large sticks. These should dry pretty quickly.


Layer on the 2nd largest sticks and apply them in the gaps of the big ones.


Now add your smallest sticks. Again, apply them in the negative space of the 2nd layers. It’s starting to look like a snowflake!!!


Lastly, add on the circular wood chip to hide all of the ends. This finishes it off so it looks nice and clean. Get ready, because the fun part is coming up next!



If you wan the wood grain to show through on your snowflake, simply apply a layer of mod podge so that it dries clear. If you want your snow flake to look snowy white, take your acrylic white paint and layer on a good amount. While your paint or mod podge is still wet, quickly apply the glitter so that it dries with your application. You can also add more dabs of glue or mod podge in certain areas with glitter to add some depth and give the illusion of “snowy spots” on your snowflake. Starting to look so cute, huh?!


Make sure you’ve given your snowflake a good amount of glitter, you want it to sparkle and twinkle when it’s surrounded by your Christmas lights! Let your flake dry and definitely make as many as you please!



And VOILA! You are done! Aren’t they so pretty! And the great thing is, you can leave these up for Winter decor after Christmas is over so you definitely get your use out of them! I’ve been working on another craft so stay tuned tomorrow as I post some easy last minute gift tag and bags that are super easy and quick to make!

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