Kids went to bed early, so what does that mean for this Mama…another blog post! I took advantage of this rainy Seattle day and stayed in and got some serious craft time done! I have say, it was a real mood booster! Seriously, if I go for more than 3-4 days without making something, I go into crazy mode (and the Hubby does NOT like it ;)) I decided to pull me resources and use the left over holiday card stock paper to make some gift bags and gift tags that I neglected to get from the store the other day. And I must say, it is so much more fun wrapping presents when you can add your personal touch to them! Follow along for this super easy tutorial on how to make your own handmade gift wrappings!


Okay, I know you must be thinking that this is quite a bit of materials but fear not, I simply took a picture showing that you can really use any type of material that you please. The essentials that you do need though are scissors, glue gun, ribbon, some type of paper for your tags and bags. I happened to find these adorable little sack bags that are chalk friendly (picked these up from Target). It helps to rummage through your craft collection and grab any type of adornment that you can find (buttons, sequins, snowflakes, etc.). I think we are going to start with the gift bags, so let’s get to it!


I happened to find some old berry stems that I used for my Christmas wreath last year that I no longer was using. I simply cut a few of the pieces off, enough for a little bouquet to add on the bag.


Glue down your berry stems to the bag, easy as that!


Chose the ribbon of your liking…something delicate though-not too thick. Tie a little bow with the ribbon and cut the remainder off.


Glue the bow on to the bottom of your bouquet. So cute huh?!


Lastly, chose your favorite Christmas saying or song lyric and write it on your bag. Make sure your saying isn’t too long, or you won’t have room! 🙂 Also, it helps to write it like you are wrapping your bouquet in a wreath. And you are done! So very simple and took only a couple minutes to make! Continue making your bags with the materials you have gathered up. Use that creative mind of yours to make oodles of cute bags!



On to the gift tags! These are just as fun and just as easy to make! Materials needed are practically the same but I would add in your Holiday punchers, and also a single hole puncher to add on your ribbon.


Grab a favorite print and start cutting out your tag. Make sure it is large enough to write a sweet little saying and your “to” and “from” section. Chose any shape you please. You will see that I used many shapes and sizes for all of my tags.


I used one of my favorite Holiday cutters and cut out a cute little Christmas tree to add to my tag.


Find something sweet to top your tree with (make sure it coordinates well with your prints) and glue both the tree and the topper down.



Grab your single hole puncher and add your ribbon on. Tie a knot at the end to secure it. Make sure it is not too tight, just in case you have to untie it to add on to your gift. Done! This one may have even quicker to make! Make as many as your little heart desires (or as many gifts you have waiting under the tree :)) Take a look at my assortment below if you need any inspiration!


Have fun wrapping the remainder of your gifts with your handmade goodness! Merry Christmas!


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