Hello Everyone! I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas and it was nice and relaxing for you! We had a CRAZY busy Christmas, but with 2 kiddos and a big extended family…it is to be expected 🙂 But the past couple of days have been productive and today; peaceful and quiet which I was in major need of! Plus, this has been the first day in over a week that I have been able to craft! Yay for me! I must say though…it is pretty weird not to make anything Holiday related! A bit sad in fact! But there is lots to be made that is not season related so you all are in store for great things to come! Including this ADORABLE Rustic Love Bunting sign. I could see this sweet little thing hanging in a nursery for sure! Let’s get to it, shall we.


So I know it appears to be a lot of materials needed for this craft, but I just took a photo of all that I might possibly use but in all actuality…didn’t. So fear not, you do NOT need to go out and get all of these! Phew! What you do need in this photo is a decorative wooden board, hot glue gun, mod podge (or some sort of adhesive), “love” decorative decor, string, acrylic paint (color of your choice), bunting, paint brushes, scissors, faux wood paper, and clips. All of this can be found at Hobby Lobby!


First, take the paint of your choice and add a couple of coats to your “love” decorative writing. Set aside to dry.


Next, grab your wood paper, a pencil and your decorative wood piece and get ready to trace it out to apply to the top. I took a picture here to tell you to make sure that the grain of the wood plank is running in the vertical direction. Very important folks!



Turn your paper and wood over so that you can trace the area that you are going to be cutting out and applying. Take your pencil and as lightly and close as possible, trace out the desired area.


Go ahead and take your scissors and cut out your tracing. Double check that it looks accurate by placing it over the decorative wood piece to make sure that you don’t need to trim any areas. Get ready to glue this piece on!


Take your Mod Podge (or whatever adhesive you prefer) and apply a thin layer across the sign to apply your paper with. Quickly lay the piece of paper on top, making any adjustments, and then firmly pressing down where you would permanently like your paper to be placed. Allow 5-10 minutes to fully dry.


Get ready to hot glue your little love lettering down! Make sure you commit to a placement for it and apply a thin layer of hot glue to the back and quickly place your letters on your sign.


Next, take those cute little canvas buntings and thread them with your chosen string. The holes are quite small so please make sure your choose a string that it not too thick. You are almost done!


Take your clips and glue them down by dabbing just a bit of hot glue on the back and placing them. Make sure you don’t get any glue in the actual clip part or you won’t be able to open it up!


Now take your threaded bunting banner and tie a simple little loop knot that can easily be clipped in. Make sure your banners are evenly displaced and that the string isn’t too long nor short. You can just eyeball it…like I did 🙂


VERY last step is to glue on your ribbon to hang your sign! Just a couple a dabs of glue, and apply your desired length of ribbon and you. are. DONE!





I think this is the first time I am going to say please forgive me…but isn’t it ADORBS!!! Haha! I mean, it is pretty precious though and perfect for a nursery or even a family gallery wall! Now that I thought of that, I might actually do that! 🙂 Thanks for crafting with me!

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