I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a BIG weekend ahead of me! As I’m sure you all know, the Seattle Seahawks are in the Superbowl AGAIN and the boys of the Cook household could not be more excited (and me of course :)) So of course, this was an excellent opportunity to get my craft on being that we are hosting a party this year with all of our close friends! A banner is a MUST to show our support and I had such a great time making this one! The “Hawk” was my fav to make and I wanted to share this fun project with you in case you need some last minute Seahawks decor ideas for your Superbowl 49 festivities!


So I kinda edited the supply and materials list; adding some and deleting some. Here’s a written list below:

–   Scrapbook Paper (dark blue, bright lime green, & light gray)

–   White foam paper (or you can do white Scrapbook paper)

–   Scissors

–   Hot glue gun

–   Glue Stick

–   X-ACTO knife

–   Large Sticker Letters

–   Twine or String

–   Single Hole Puncher


Let’s start with the best part of the banner…the HAWK! Pull up a picture on your phone or computer (best to look up “Seahawk Logo” on Pinterest). Okay, this may be tricky for some but that is why you are using a pencil. Free hand drawing the outline of the Seahawk. Don’t fret, take your time and erase as many times as you need to…nobody is timing you on this. Once you feel like your hawk outline looks good, go ahead and cut it out and set the remaining white paper aside.


Next, take your Seahawk and flip it over. Take your blue paper and trace the outline of the Seahawk onto the paper. Cut it out and get ready to use those amazing free hand skills again! 🙂


Pull up that photo again. Carefully pencil out the face of the Hawk, drawing only the blue spaces of which you’ll be cutting out. You can see on the above picture where those need to be. Again, TAKE YOUR TIME. No need to rush yourself through it.


Cut the areas that you can with scissors. For those smaller and more intricate areas, go ahead and use your X-ACTO knife. Slowly, cut out the areas in which the “White” of the Seahawk will show through.


Your Seahawk should look something like the above pic. Fierce huh?!


Finish by adding the gray area of the Seahawk and the bright green eye. Your Hawk is complete! Time to move on the the letters portion of the banner!


Start by cutting out the approximate size of the bunting that you would prefer. Once you’ve found the right size, use that as a tracing for the other buntings. Trace and cut out 7 pieces.


Cut the ends of your buntings so that they appear as flags. I gathered them all together and cut the bundle but you can cut them individually if you prefer.


Same idea as the outer blue layer, you are going to get a size that you prefer and use that as your tracing. Please make sure that your green “top” layer is smaller than the blue. That way it is framed out and you get to see a good portion of the blue.


Next comes time to glue the layers together. Take your Glue Stick and lather the back of your green bunting and firmly press it down on top of the blue flag, making sure that it is properly placed on top and centered. Continue to do this with all the buntings.


The last couple steps are easy ones. Time to put the letters on the buntings! G-O-H-A-W-K-S are the letters you need and please make sure that you are centering them in the buntings. Easy Peasy huh?!


Very last step!!! Bust out that hole puncher! Punch a hole in each of the top corners of your letters; including the Seahawk. You can see in the photo above that where I punched mine so that it lays nicely on the banner. YOU ARE DONE FOLKS!!!




Looks great huh?! You are definitely ready now for that Superbowl Party and everyone is going to be lovin’ this banner while they are rooting on for the Hawks!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!


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When I saw this adorable watch face at JoAnn Fabrics the other day, I just knew I had to have it! The Navy and White stripes are so darn cute and combined with the coral beads that I found, it reminded of a Kate Spade piece…of which I am in LOVE with all of her designs! And you guys won’t believe how easy this project is! AND for how little it costs! With everything, I spent only $18! You can’t buy a cute watch for even double that price! This DIY project would be great for gifts or just to treat yourself to something nice 🙂 Are you ready to make this sweet lil’ thing? Let’s get to it!


List of items that you need for this project:

–   Watch face (JoAnn Fabrics has many different styles to choose from)

–   Elastic Threading

–   Beads of your Choice

–   Pliers

–   Crimp beads

–   Scissors

Easy peasy. All of these materials are available at JoAnn Fabrics.


Start by threading your elastic around the end opening of your watch face. Thread on a crimp bead. Make sure your crimp bead is doubled up with the elastic and it is holding your elastic securing on the watch face. With your pliers, press down with all of your might so that your crimp bead has firmly secured the elastic in place. Go ahead and give the elastic a good tug just to make sure that it does not come apart. Continue doing this; two on each end.


Start threading on your beads. Make sure each strand has an even amount of beads. Test the beaded strands for correct length for your wrist by holding it up and wrapping it around your arm. You don’t want the strands to be too long, but nice and snug instead. Once you have the right amount of beads on, disregard the remainder for another craft in the future.


Add two more crimp beads; one on each strand. Almost done!


Now, as you did when we first started, loop your elastic strand around the watch end and then back through those last crimp beads that you just applied. Tighten your elastic strand and clamp down on your crimp beads making them firmly secure. That sucker isn’t gonna go anywhere! 🙂


Your watch should look something like the above picture. Please make sure there is no slack in your elastic and between your beads. The elastic will only stretch with time and we don’t want it to already by loose 🙂


Once you’ve made sure that the elastic and nice and tight, cut off any remaining pieces only leaving a small amount at the ends. Now, take your plyers and take that small piece and thread it back in the first bead next to it. We want to make sure that the loose strands are tucked away. Do this to all four strands. And….VOILA! You. Are. Done. How quick was that?!!!



So stinkin’ cute huh? And I would probably bet you are going to get multiple compliments and the awesome thing is…you can say YOU made it! Ha! SO great! Thanks everyone for following along! Stayed tuned this week for a few Seahawks crafts to come! This household is getting ready for the Superbowl and of course there has to be some handmade decor for it!! 🙂 GO HAWKS!!!

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Oh boy, this miiggghhht be my favorite DIY project to date! I had so much fun making this and it sure helped with all of the Seattle sun giving me inspiration to make this sunburst mirror! Do you all ever see a mirror at any retail shops that you fall in LOVE with but can’t imagine paying an arm & a leg for it? I mean…seriously, some of these mirrors that I see are pushing $100!!! And guess how much this fun little project cost me? $15!!! Only 15 bucks, plus I have left over materials for another project in the future. Wanna learn how to make this? Well, let’s get to it!!



Items needed for this project:

–   Circular Mirror

–   Wooden Sticks (both large & small)

–   Hot Glue Gun

–   Latex Paint (color of your choice)

–   Nailhead

–   Paint Brush

–   Dark Stain Minwax Finishing Wax and Old Rag

Most of these Materials can be found at Hobby Lobby. You probably could have guessed that by now though, huh?! 🙂


First, start by getting a count of sticks that you need. An easy way to do this (instead of guessing and painting more/less than you need) is to lay out the sticks on the mirror to get an accurate guess of pieces that you need to paint. Get that paint and brush ready!


Get ready to get some paint on your fingers! If you are using latex based paint, you probably only need one layer of paint. And on this gorgeous day, by the time I was done with my last stick, practically all of the painted sticks were dry! But definitely make sure that all are dry before you move on to the next step.


Now that your sticks are dry, it’s time to start applying them to the back of the mirror. Turn your mirror over and plug in your glue gun. Once, it’s nice and hot, start by gluing the sticks as you would a compass; one on the north end of the mirror, one directly south of that, one on the east side and one on the west. Next, glue one in between each of the four sticks. You should now have 8 sticks glued down that are evenly spaced around the circular mirror. Lastly, glue 2 sticks in the openings and continue all the way around the mirror until you are finished.


When you flip over your mirror, it should look something resembling this above. Starting to look quite nice, huh?!


Next step is to add the longer sticks behind the previously glued shorted ones. This step is quite easy to describe…all you have to do is glue in the spacing between the front sticks. See the above photo for a better depiction of the explanation. Do this until you have a double layer of sticks all the way around your mirror. One step closer to being done!


Your mirror is sure coming along! Look at how great it looks already! Now it is time to add the fun details 🙂


Grab that hot glue gun once more and start gluing the nailhead on to the perimeter of your mirror. Continue all the way around until you connect with the other end.


Man oh man, I am a sucker for nailhead! I just love the way it changes the personality of the piece and the texture it gives!


Very last step, although not a necessary step (but I LOVE the look it gives), is adding a layer of dark brown Minwax Finishing Wax to your painted sunburst. Take an old rag (one you don’t quite care about) and apply a small amount of the wax evenly on the rag. Spread it across each of your painted sticks. When you are doing this, do it organic and randomly. Make some lighter, some darker. It gives interest and depth to your custom created piece. Stand back and look at your master piece!!!


Isn’t it beautiful! Oh, and I just so pleased with how it turned out! And I hope you are too! I’ll leave you with just a few photos of different angles on the mirror. Thanks for crafting along with me and I will be sure to to have a fun new project in store for you all soon!





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A little less than a month until Valentine’s Day! Question for you all…do you give gifts on the big day? I really haven’t done it in the past but now that I am craftin’ up all of these fun pieces…I think I may have to start this year! For instance, don’t you think you Mom, MIL, bestie, Sister…or let’s not even limit it to the girls…but ANYONE would like one of these handmade fridge magnets with a special picture of loved ones or a fun memory as a gift this Holiday? Hey, I ‘d take it over chocolate (merely because I am trying to loose some Holiday weight) and flowers that only last a short week. Trust me, this gift is MUCH cheaper and I feel…a bigger impact and more sentimental that the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts!

Okay, soooo remember in the last post when I said that I got crafting away and totally forgot to take pics of the progress? This is one of those projects where I did just that. I am so sorry! BUT, an easy one that won’t need to much explanation.


Take a trip on over to your local Hobby Lobby and head on over to the stationary and stickers section. There you will find one of my most favorite isles with the itty bitty pieces that I can’t help but throw in my cart. I think I mentioned this before…but I can’t help but love the smallest little bits that I have no idea what I am going to do with but they are just too cute not to snag them up! In this isle, you will find all of the specially scrap booking pieces and there is a section with little frames. Go ahead and grab which ever one is calling your name (or few!) and while you’re at it, grab a few of those tiny cardboard heart and geometric shaped boxes. You’ll need those in addition for this fun little project. The other materials/supplies you will need are:

–   Large Strips of Magnets

–   Scissors

–   Hot Glue Gun

–   Some of your Favorites Photos

–   Some extra Craft Paper

–   And any fun additional Bits you would like to add to your Magnets


These few steps are really quite simple. Plug in your hot glue fun and get it ready for a few quick uses. Cut out your picture according to the frame or cardboard piece you are adhering it to. For the cardboard ones, simply flip over over your cardboard top & photo and trace on the back so that you have a guide as to where to cut. Once your piece is cut out, simply add a bit of glue to the back of the photo and quickly adhere it to your frame/cardboard top. Once that is done, cut off a piece of the magnet (a size big enough that will hold up your frame and maybe a photo or two on the fridge). Hot glue that sucker on and you are finished!


Easy as that! Now make as many as your lil’ heart pleases!!! This is a fun and easy craft that even your kiddos can help you out! I just don’t encourage you having them use the hot glue gun-bad idea 🙂 Stay tuned for more lovely crafts coming your way!!!


| Family Photos credit to ADN Designs |

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Hey ALL! Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely day! It is quite beautiful here in the greater Seattle area and a bit crazy how nice it has been lately (despite a few stormy days). But really quite mild here in the Northwest. All of this sunshine makes me wanna get outside but that means no time for crafting…so the sun can wait I suppose! 🙂

I do have a confession though…I got to crafting several projects the other day, and upon finishing, I realized I hadn’t taken ANY how-to pics!! My apologies! I guess I am going to have to just walk you through it with no photos to help me along. It’s a good thing this one is quite easy!!! Let’s get to it!


I found this absolutely adorable arrow on clearance the other day at Hobby Lobby for only $5! FIVE BUCKS!!! I could not pass it up! Had no clue what I was going to do with it, but I knew I would find something fun! Along with arrow, I bought this super cute ribbon, and wooden appliques that are just so precious. Grab your scissors, hot glue gun, sewing machine, and some fun Valentine’s Day paper and let’s get started!

I ended up reusing this little bunting I had made last Valentine’s Day for this project. Basically, I hand cut circles and hearts and quickly ran them through the sewing machine. If you find this to be too hard (or you don’t have a sewing machine) simply find some twine or ribbon and glue your sweet little cut outs on it. Easy peesy!


Bust out those letter stamps you have used in the past and carefully stamp on “Happy Valentine’s Day” using a black ink so it is clearly visible. Don’t worry if you mess up, just try to line your letter back up and press firmly down. If it ends up a bit smudgy, no need to fret, it just adds character to your sign!!

Very last things is to glue everything on. Attach your lil’ garland to either end of the bottom of your arrow. Then, cut 2 – 24″ long pieces of your ribbon and glue an end to the front of your top arrow and to the bottom. Lastly, put your sweet little adornment on your arrow wreath where ever you please. Annnndddd…you are finished! For under $10, you made this easy peasy, cute as a button Arrow Wreath! Now you have something fun to hang on your door for the Holiday! 🙂 Thanks for following along!



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Okay…so I know I’ve mentioned this before…but why oh why did I not like to crafting for Valentine’s Day before! Well, it’s not that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t find as much joy in it as I did in other Holidays. BUT boy, am I having FUN with all of the goodies that I have found lately! And I feel like the smaller materials that I find, the more I fall in love with how precious they are. For instance…check out these cute lil’ wooden hearts I found at Hobby Lobby. I saw them, grabbed them, and had absolutely NO clue what I was going to do with them. I just knew I had to have them, they were just too adorable!


So I got home, spread out my findings for the day and then it hit me. These hearts would make the sweetest little garland that I can dress up some family photos to make them more festive for the upcoming Holiday! So I busted out my Sharpies and American Craft Pens and started coloring them all the classic colors of Valentine’s Day; red, different variations of pink, and hints of silver.


I then wrapped thin jewelry wire around them, tightened and clamped it down-securing the hearts in place. I repeated this until all my itty bitty hearts were perfectly aligned. They were ready for hanging and I chose to hang them on a black frame to make the lil’ garland pop! Where are you going to put your little strand of hearts?! 🙂



Thank for crafting with me and stay in touch for more fun DIY ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!



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This one is a fun one for the littles too!! And not to mention super easy and quick! If you have a little princess on your hands, you’ll be sure to make her happy with this one!

I don’t know about you…but I have ALWAYS been a girlie girl. I mean, looking back at photos of when I was little, I always had a dress on, my hair pinned up with a bow, jewelry on, pretty coordinating outfits…so it’s not a shocker that I like to revert back to my younger days and make things frilly and sparkly. Hopefully I’m not the only one! 🙂


Just like the last project, there isn’t a whole lot of materials needed for this task. Just your trusty hot glue gun, some crystals of your choosing (or your little one’s choosing) :), and an adjustable ring with a small plate on it for applying your creation to (you can find this at Hobby Lobby). That’s it!


First, start by applying the circle crystal in the center with your hot glue gun. It dries VERY quickly on this metal so you have to be pretty speedy and accurate when applying it. Don’t worry, if you can’t get it on the first try, just peel it off and try again.


Then apply your “petals”. Super easy and straight forward. Make sure they are close together and you are not leaving a lot of empty space in between showing the plate of the ring. Apply all petals and you are done!



That might have been the easiest and shortest post I’ve written! But it just goes to show you that this a fun and fairly simple project you can do with your little one that will keep their attention and have a fun end result that they will love! Enjoy!

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Phew! Can I just start off by saying I am wiped out! This Lady has been a busy bee with multiple side jobs and am trying so hard to keep up on my beloved little blog but I am sad to say that I have been slacking in that department! No more though…I had my monthly visit to Hobby Lobby today and I am chalked full of fun items to craft with and I am oh so happy to get started!

This craft is a super duper EASY one…you will be surprised by how simple and quick it is to make these lovely lil’ earrings. A bit of a back story on this project…a few years ago, I used to make headbands, jewelry, Bridal Fascinators, and belts~selling these at the Bridal Shop that I worked for, along with Craft Shows and Bazaars. As I was purging through my craft room this past week, I came across a tub of old pieces that I made for some of these shows. I forgot how pretty these were and wanted to share with you all and show you how fun it is to make them! So~here ya go!


Okay, first off…please excuse the HORRIBLE lighting I used for photographing this project. Never again will I shoot at night, I absolutely hate the artificial glow it produces and will now only photograph in natural light. Enough with that rant 🙂 So, fairly light on the materials and supplies needed for this one. The trickiest supply to find for this project is the lace. I found this lace at Pacific Fabrics, but I would say that you are going to have to search for a fabric specialty store or order online for good lace trim. BUT, once you have a yard of this…the possibilities are endless with what you can make and it will last you forever; a good investment of time and money finding this.


First, start by cutting 2 pieces of the chandelier lace bits out. Trim any loose threads and make sure your pieces are nice and clean from any fraying. Simple as that.


Take your delicate chain and attach a link to one top of the lace loop, crimp it down and attach another piece leaving a small amount of chain to add to the other beaded attachment to. Make sure that the chain amount is even for both earrings…it’s really a bummer when you have one that is longer than the other. Disregard the extra chaining.


Now attach the piece in which you thread your bead onto. You like how I worded that? 😉 I don’t know the official name for it, but you get the gist. Hehe! Anyways, crimp that piece down so it is firmly attached to the earring.


Add your beads on and cut the remainder of the piece down so that you can loop it back to anchor the bead in. ONE more step and you are finished!


Slip the one of the loops on the chain through the curled up loop of the earring that you just fixed and tightly fascinate down. Voila! You are finished! So pretty with so little time and effort to make! Another fun trick is to dye the lace and make different colors for different outfits! And that is a fun process in itself 🙂 Lovely crafting with you!!!


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Oh boy, do I love me some hand cut hearts! And I love when they are folded up like cute little butterflies…or perhaps, fluttering hearts!! Just adorable! This is a great little craft to kick off the Valentine’s Day extravaganza, and a sweet one at that to start decorating with! No need to hesitate, let’s get to craftin’!


Really not a whole lot that you need for this project, just have fun picking out your paper…play with patterns, colors, and make sure it’s something you’re willing to hang up in your home and goes well with other decor. Personally, I LOVE mustard yellow, so when I found this pastel polka dot pattern with hints of yellow in it, I had to have it! It’s a great staple piece of paper and I’m excited to use it for Spring crafts as well. Spring?! Did I just say Spring?!?! I can’t BELIEVE it is going to be Spring time in the next couple of months! Yikes, time is just a tickin’ away!


Alrighty, first off…take your hoops and place your fabric tightly in them. Secure the hoop so that the fabric stays tight. Cut off the excess fabric leaving a 1-2″ piece surrounding it, just in case you need to tighten at the end. You cut this piece off when you are finished.



It’s time to start your lettering embroidery! Don’t be scared…it’s actually quick simple and easy to do. Thread your needle and tie a double knot in the back to that when you pull the thread through, it is secure at the end. Start by pulling through the needle from behind the hoop and threading through. Take the needle and then after about a 1/4″, thread the needle through the top back to end your stitch. Repeat to make your lettering. I happened to do this freehand, but you are more than welcome to lightly pencil in your letters so that you can have a tracing to follow. Whatever is easiest for you!


Once you are finished your embroidery (don’t be alarmed…that could take quite a while), it is time to make those sweet little hand cut hearts. Start by folding a narrow piece of card stock paper so that the pattern is folded in, and cut out the half heart…you know, like you used to do in Elementary school! Make all shapes and sizes, this gives your little piece some variety and lots to look at. Awe….aren’t they just cute. Go ahead and cut a few more, just for fun! 🙂


Get that hot glue gun warmed up cuz we are about to use it! Carefully position your wee little hearts how you please on both of the hoops and leave them there for gluin’ down. Take your glue gun and place a line of glue on the crease and place it down until dry. Repeat until all of your hearts are secure! Looks adorable, huh?!



Oh goodness! Just precious, huh?! You’re all set for hanging your first handmade Valentine’s Day decor for your home! Have fun placing it and keep in touch for more cute crafts to come!


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So, typically Valentine’s Day is not my fav to craft BUT I am definitely getting in the mood with all of these goodies that I found!!! Some old, some new (thanks to my very sweet cousin for Christmas) plus I forgot how much I LOVE pastels! For all of you that know me, know that I am a sucker for anything blush pink, mauve, mustard yellow and robin’s egg blue. So this upcoming Holiday and Spring season is right up my ally in the “favorite colors” department.

This post doesn’t necessarily have any craft or DIY tutorials, but just letting you know that I am in the mood to CRAFT and that there is going to be some fun stuff in store for you guys so G E T  R E A D Y!!!!


So many fun and sweet little things that make my heart sing are in this photo. I am all about the small things and it’s in the details that makes me excited! Polka dots, mini bunting, hand cut hearts, chevron clothes pins, metal “love” tag, buttons and so much more! So excited!


Get ready all of you love birds! Let’s craft together over the next month, shall we?! 🙂

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