Oh boy, do I love me some hand cut hearts! And I love when they are folded up like cute little butterflies…or perhaps, fluttering hearts!! Just adorable! This is a great little craft to kick off the Valentine’s Day extravaganza, and a sweet one at that to start decorating with! No need to hesitate, let’s get to craftin’!


Really not a whole lot that you need for this project, just have fun picking out your paper…play with patterns, colors, and make sure it’s something you’re willing to hang up in your home and goes well with other decor. Personally, I LOVE mustard yellow, so when I found this pastel polka dot pattern with hints of yellow in it, I had to have it! It’s a great staple piece of paper and I’m excited to use it for Spring crafts as well. Spring?! Did I just say Spring?!?! I can’t BELIEVE it is going to be Spring time in the next couple of months! Yikes, time is just a tickin’ away!


Alrighty, first off…take your hoops and place your fabric tightly in them. Secure the hoop so that the fabric stays tight. Cut off the excess fabric leaving a 1-2″ piece surrounding it, just in case you need to tighten at the end. You cut this piece off when you are finished.



It’s time to start your lettering embroidery! Don’t be scared…it’s actually quick simple and easy to do. Thread your needle and tie a double knot in the back to that when you pull the thread through, it is secure at the end. Start by pulling through the needle from behind the hoop and threading through. Take the needle and then after about a 1/4″, thread the needle through the top back to end your stitch. Repeat to make your lettering. I happened to do this freehand, but you are more than welcome to lightly pencil in your letters so that you can have a tracing to follow. Whatever is easiest for you!


Once you are finished your embroidery (don’t be alarmed…that could take quite a while), it is time to make those sweet little hand cut hearts. Start by folding a narrow piece of card stock paper so that the pattern is folded in, and cut out the half heart…you know, like you used to do in Elementary school! Make all shapes and sizes, this gives your little piece some variety and lots to look at. Awe….aren’t they just cute. Go ahead and cut a few more, just for fun! 🙂


Get that hot glue gun warmed up cuz we are about to use it! Carefully position your wee little hearts how you please on both of the hoops and leave them there for gluin’ down. Take your glue gun and place a line of glue on the crease and place it down until dry. Repeat until all of your hearts are secure! Looks adorable, huh?!



Oh goodness! Just precious, huh?! You’re all set for hanging your first handmade Valentine’s Day decor for your home! Have fun placing it and keep in touch for more cute crafts to come!


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