Phew! Can I just start off by saying I am wiped out! This Lady has been a busy bee with multiple side jobs and am trying so hard to keep up on my beloved little blog but I am sad to say that I have been slacking in that department! No more though…I had my monthly visit to Hobby Lobby today and I am chalked full of fun items to craft with and I am oh so happy to get started!

This craft is a super duper EASY one…you will be surprised by how simple and quick it is to make these lovely lil’ earrings. A bit of a back story on this project…a few years ago, I used to make headbands, jewelry, Bridal Fascinators, and belts~selling these at the Bridal Shop that I worked for, along with Craft Shows and Bazaars. As I was purging through my craft room this past week, I came across a tub of old pieces that I made for some of these shows. I forgot how pretty these were and wanted to share with you all and show you how fun it is to make them! So~here ya go!


Okay, first off…please excuse the HORRIBLE lighting I used for photographing this project. Never again will I shoot at night, I absolutely hate the artificial glow it produces and will now only photograph in natural light. Enough with that rant 🙂 So, fairly light on the materials and supplies needed for this one. The trickiest supply to find for this project is the lace. I found this lace at Pacific Fabrics, but I would say that you are going to have to search for a fabric specialty store or order online for good lace trim. BUT, once you have a yard of this…the possibilities are endless with what you can make and it will last you forever; a good investment of time and money finding this.


First, start by cutting 2 pieces of the chandelier lace bits out. Trim any loose threads and make sure your pieces are nice and clean from any fraying. Simple as that.


Take your delicate chain and attach a link to one top of the lace loop, crimp it down and attach another piece leaving a small amount of chain to add to the other beaded attachment to. Make sure that the chain amount is even for both earrings…it’s really a bummer when you have one that is longer than the other. Disregard the extra chaining.


Now attach the piece in which you thread your bead onto. You like how I worded that? 😉 I don’t know the official name for it, but you get the gist. Hehe! Anyways, crimp that piece down so it is firmly attached to the earring.


Add your beads on and cut the remainder of the piece down so that you can loop it back to anchor the bead in. ONE more step and you are finished!


Slip the one of the loops on the chain through the curled up loop of the earring that you just fixed and tightly fascinate down. Voila! You are finished! So pretty with so little time and effort to make! Another fun trick is to dye the lace and make different colors for different outfits! And that is a fun process in itself 🙂 Lovely crafting with you!!!


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