Okay…so I know I’ve mentioned this before…but why oh why did I not like to crafting for Valentine’s Day before! Well, it’s not that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t find as much joy in it as I did in other Holidays. BUT boy, am I having FUN with all of the goodies that I have found lately! And I feel like the smaller materials that I find, the more I fall in love with how precious they are. For instance…check out these cute lil’ wooden hearts I found at Hobby Lobby. I saw them, grabbed them, and had absolutely NO clue what I was going to do with them. I just knew I had to have them, they were just too adorable!


So I got home, spread out my findings for the day and then it hit me. These hearts would make the sweetest little garland that I can dress up some family photos to make them more festive for the upcoming Holiday! So I busted out my Sharpies and American Craft Pens and started coloring them all the classic colors of Valentine’s Day; red, different variations of pink, and hints of silver.


I then wrapped thin jewelry wire around them, tightened and clamped it down-securing the hearts in place. I repeated this until all my itty bitty hearts were perfectly aligned. They were ready for hanging and I chose to hang them on a black frame to make the lil’ garland pop! Where are you going to put your little strand of hearts?! 🙂



Thank for crafting with me and stay in touch for more fun DIY ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!



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