A little less than a month until Valentine’s Day! Question for you all…do you give gifts on the big day? I really haven’t done it in the past but now that I am craftin’ up all of these fun pieces…I think I may have to start this year! For instance, don’t you think you Mom, MIL, bestie, Sister…or let’s not even limit it to the girls…but ANYONE would like one of these handmade fridge magnets with a special picture of loved ones or a fun memory as a gift this Holiday? Hey, I ‘d take it over chocolate (merely because I am trying to loose some Holiday weight) and flowers that only last a short week. Trust me, this gift is MUCH cheaper and I feel…a bigger impact and more sentimental that the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts!

Okay, soooo remember in the last post when I said that I got crafting away and totally forgot to take pics of the progress? This is one of those projects where I did just that. I am so sorry! BUT, an easy one that won’t need to much explanation.


Take a trip on over to your local Hobby Lobby and head on over to the stationary and stickers section. There you will find one of my most favorite isles with the itty bitty pieces that I can’t help but throw in my cart. I think I mentioned this before…but I can’t help but love the smallest little bits that I have no idea what I am going to do with but they are just too cute not to snag them up! In this isle, you will find all of the specially scrap booking pieces and there is a section with little frames. Go ahead and grab which ever one is calling your name (or few!) and while you’re at it, grab a few of those tiny cardboard heart and geometric shaped boxes. You’ll need those in addition for this fun little project. The other materials/supplies you will need are:

–   Large Strips of Magnets

–   Scissors

–   Hot Glue Gun

–   Some of your Favorites Photos

–   Some extra Craft Paper

–   And any fun additional Bits you would like to add to your Magnets


These few steps are really quite simple. Plug in your hot glue fun and get it ready for a few quick uses. Cut out your picture according to the frame or cardboard piece you are adhering it to. For the cardboard ones, simply flip over over your cardboard top & photo and trace on the back so that you have a guide as to where to cut. Once your piece is cut out, simply add a bit of glue to the back of the photo and quickly adhere it to your frame/cardboard top. Once that is done, cut off a piece of the magnet (a size big enough that will hold up your frame and maybe a photo or two on the fridge). Hot glue that sucker on and you are finished!


Easy as that! Now make as many as your lil’ heart pleases!!! This is a fun and easy craft that even your kiddos can help you out! I just don’t encourage you having them use the hot glue gun-bad idea 🙂 Stay tuned for more lovely crafts coming your way!!!


| Family Photos credit to ADN Designs |

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