When I saw this adorable watch face at JoAnn Fabrics the other day, I just knew I had to have it! The Navy and White stripes are so darn cute and combined with the coral beads that I found, it reminded of a Kate Spade piece…of which I am in LOVE with all of her designs! And you guys won’t believe how easy this project is! AND for how little it costs! With everything, I spent only $18! You can’t buy a cute watch for even double that price! This DIY project would be great for gifts or just to treat yourself to something nice 🙂 Are you ready to make this sweet lil’ thing? Let’s get to it!


List of items that you need for this project:

–   Watch face (JoAnn Fabrics has many different styles to choose from)

–   Elastic Threading

–   Beads of your Choice

–   Pliers

–   Crimp beads

–   Scissors

Easy peasy. All of these materials are available at JoAnn Fabrics.


Start by threading your elastic around the end opening of your watch face. Thread on a crimp bead. Make sure your crimp bead is doubled up with the elastic and it is holding your elastic securing on the watch face. With your pliers, press down with all of your might so that your crimp bead has firmly secured the elastic in place. Go ahead and give the elastic a good tug just to make sure that it does not come apart. Continue doing this; two on each end.


Start threading on your beads. Make sure each strand has an even amount of beads. Test the beaded strands for correct length for your wrist by holding it up and wrapping it around your arm. You don’t want the strands to be too long, but nice and snug instead. Once you have the right amount of beads on, disregard the remainder for another craft in the future.


Add two more crimp beads; one on each strand. Almost done!


Now, as you did when we first started, loop your elastic strand around the watch end and then back through those last crimp beads that you just applied. Tighten your elastic strand and clamp down on your crimp beads making them firmly secure. That sucker isn’t gonna go anywhere! 🙂


Your watch should look something like the above picture. Please make sure there is no slack in your elastic and between your beads. The elastic will only stretch with time and we don’t want it to already by loose 🙂


Once you’ve made sure that the elastic and nice and tight, cut off any remaining pieces only leaving a small amount at the ends. Now, take your plyers and take that small piece and thread it back in the first bead next to it. We want to make sure that the loose strands are tucked away. Do this to all four strands. And….VOILA! You. Are. Done. How quick was that?!!!



So stinkin’ cute huh? And I would probably bet you are going to get multiple compliments and the awesome thing is…you can say YOU made it! Ha! SO great! Thanks everyone for following along! Stayed tuned this week for a few Seahawks crafts to come! This household is getting ready for the Superbowl and of course there has to be some handmade decor for it!! 🙂 GO HAWKS!!!

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  1. Casey says:

    Such a cute project! Sharing this!

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