I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a BIG weekend ahead of me! As I’m sure you all know, the Seattle Seahawks are in the Superbowl AGAIN and the boys of the Cook household could not be more excited (and me of course :)) So of course, this was an excellent opportunity to get my craft on being that we are hosting a party this year with all of our close friends! A banner is a MUST to show our support and I had such a great time making this one! The “Hawk” was my fav to make and I wanted to share this fun project with you in case you need some last minute Seahawks decor ideas for your Superbowl 49 festivities!


So I kinda edited the supply and materials list; adding some and deleting some. Here’s a written list below:

–   Scrapbook Paper (dark blue, bright lime green, & light gray)

–   White foam paper (or you can do white Scrapbook paper)

–   Scissors

–   Hot glue gun

–   Glue Stick

–   X-ACTO knife

–   Large Sticker Letters

–   Twine or String

–   Single Hole Puncher


Let’s start with the best part of the banner…the HAWK! Pull up a picture on your phone or computer (best to look up “Seahawk Logo” on Pinterest). Okay, this may be tricky for some but that is why you are using a pencil. Free hand drawing the outline of the Seahawk. Don’t fret, take your time and erase as many times as you need to…nobody is timing you on this. Once you feel like your hawk outline looks good, go ahead and cut it out and set the remaining white paper aside.


Next, take your Seahawk and flip it over. Take your blue paper and trace the outline of the Seahawk onto the paper. Cut it out and get ready to use those amazing free hand skills again! 🙂


Pull up that photo again. Carefully pencil out the face of the Hawk, drawing only the blue spaces of which you’ll be cutting out. You can see on the above picture where those need to be. Again, TAKE YOUR TIME. No need to rush yourself through it.


Cut the areas that you can with scissors. For those smaller and more intricate areas, go ahead and use your X-ACTO knife. Slowly, cut out the areas in which the “White” of the Seahawk will show through.


Your Seahawk should look something like the above pic. Fierce huh?!


Finish by adding the gray area of the Seahawk and the bright green eye. Your Hawk is complete! Time to move on the the letters portion of the banner!


Start by cutting out the approximate size of the bunting that you would prefer. Once you’ve found the right size, use that as a tracing for the other buntings. Trace and cut out 7 pieces.


Cut the ends of your buntings so that they appear as flags. I gathered them all together and cut the bundle but you can cut them individually if you prefer.


Same idea as the outer blue layer, you are going to get a size that you prefer and use that as your tracing. Please make sure that your green “top” layer is smaller than the blue. That way it is framed out and you get to see a good portion of the blue.


Next comes time to glue the layers together. Take your Glue Stick and lather the back of your green bunting and firmly press it down on top of the blue flag, making sure that it is properly placed on top and centered. Continue to do this with all the buntings.


The last couple steps are easy ones. Time to put the letters on the buntings! G-O-H-A-W-K-S are the letters you need and please make sure that you are centering them in the buntings. Easy Peasy huh?!


Very last step!!! Bust out that hole puncher! Punch a hole in each of the top corners of your letters; including the Seahawk. You can see in the photo above that where I punched mine so that it lays nicely on the banner. YOU ARE DONE FOLKS!!!




Looks great huh?! You are definitely ready now for that Superbowl Party and everyone is going to be lovin’ this banner while they are rooting on for the Hawks!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!


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