As a Mother of 2 boys, and a girly girl at heart, this craft was so much stinkin’ fun for me to do! This past weekend, I had a baby shower for the 1st GIRL in the Family!!! Eek! So exciting! My MIL came to me and asked if I could make a banner for the shower she was hosting and of course I said I would be happy to! The Mommy-to-Be’s colors are mint, gray and hints of pink with a theme of owls and I was so excited to get to shopping for some inspiration! Obviously…I scooted on down to Hobby Lobby to gather up all of the goodies for this fun project and I was thrilled to find those owl stickers in the PERFECT colors…it’s like it was destiny! And everything else fell into place! But of course, in the hype of my excitement, I forgot to take pictures. Boo. But I can still tell you a bit of how I tackled this craft…if you’re interested 😉 Shall we get started? OKAY!!!

Items needed for this craft:

–   Paper stock (2 main solid colors and an accent of a few different patterns)

–   Scissors

–   Ribbon of your choice

–   Paper clips (I found some fancy little ones at Hobby Lobby)

–   Stickers of your choice

–   Large Letter stickers (Of course, I found these ever so cute ones at Hobby Lobby)

–   Glue Stick

–   Hot Glue Gun

–   Any other adornments you prefer (I added lil bows on the first and last bunting)

–   Lace paper doilies (optional)


I had a template that I traced and cut out of the body suit. Isn’t it just so adorable as the shape of the bunting! Take your 2 solid sheets and alternate them as the body suits.

Next, take a bowl out of your kitchen cabinet. One that is not too large but is big enough to frame in the sticker letters that you bought (and the addition of the lace doily if you choose to add that). Once you have cut out the circle, bust out that glue stick and glue it down in the center of the bodysuit.

Add that paper lace doily if that’s something you’re planning on doing next. Lastly, stick on the letter of which you please and adorn it with any stickers or flower appliques. Easy as that!


Only other step is to add the paper clips onto your buntings and pin them to the ribbon to hang. And VOILA! It is complete! And oh so precious! This project would be the perfect personalized baby gift for that special friend, perfect little Mommy-to-Be project for your new nursery, perfect for hosting a shower for that first time Mama in the Fam…you name it! No matter what it is for, you know that your handmade baby banner will touch the heart of that expectant Mother who is receiving it 🙂



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