So…I bought this adorable fabric the other day from Hobby Lobby and I have been ichin’ to make these pillows ever since! Do you all ever get tired of seeing the same throw pillows on your couch or bed? Well, I sure do! I am one for constant change which can be a blessing but a curse at the same time. Just a little fact about me…my Husband and I moved 10 times within our first 10 years of marriage, including a short stink on Oahu. Ahhh, I miss that place! So yes, I crave constant change and that includes the decor in my home. But changing the pillow covers is an easy fix with a pow effect. I mean, it can really change the room if you just add some different patterns and colors…it’s amazing! Are you ready to make this super duper easy (even a beginner seamstress can tackle this) project? Here we go!


I’ve added a photo above but there are more materials needed that I will list in addition below:

–   Scissors

–   Fabric of your choice (this pattern I picked up from Hobby Lobby)

–   1.5″ to 2″ thick ribbon of your choice (again from Hobby Lobby)

–   Antique Bronze Dome Rivets (the nailhead bits)

–   Hot glue gun

–   Sewing machine threaded with coordinating thread

–   Pins to mark your sewing areas

–   New or old pillow insert (I prefer a 20″x 20″ size)

*The majority of these materials can be found at Hobby Lobby



Okay, there is probably going to be more photos than words in this post, but for this project I find it easier to explain through the photos 🙂 Grab that pillow insert and your chosen fabric and wrap in the direction of the repeat pattern that you prefer and cut a chunk off leaving the remnant for another project.



Go ahead and grab your chosen ribbon that you would like to add onto your case. Look carefully at the pattern on you fabric and choose an area that you would like to add it to. I chose to run it in between the the larger repeat pattern; not to take away from the prettiness of the detail.


Next, take the fabric and lay pattern face up flat on the floor. Take your pillow and center it over the ribbon, making sure it is in the exact center. This way you can figure out where to pin for sewing purposes. Squish your pillow down and snug the fabric around it, and take 2 little pins to mark the edges to show where you need the width of the pillow case to be. Photo below to also describe.


Now that you know what the width should be, let’s leave that for a bit.


Unfold your pillow and take notice the bottom layer. This is the one that is going to been shown as the fold to put your insert into. So we need to finish this edge off by sewing it so that a frayed edge is not shown. Take that edge and fold once, and then fold that one more time. Take your pins and pin that entire edge to that you can then take it to the sewing machine and make that finished edge permanent.


There! All nice and purty! 🙂


Okay, so now that the edge is finished, it’s time to sew this puppy shut! Remember those 2 pins that we put on both sides of the pillow to show how wide it needs to be? Now it’s time to lay the folded up insert and lay it plat on the floor. Place your pillow insert on the top to double check your work on the width. Grab those pins again and start pinning up the two cut sides close to where the insert is hovering over. We want to make sure that the pillow insert is nice and snug in the pillow case and there is not a lot of excess room in the cover.



Last use of the sewing machine next! Go ahead and sew both of those sides shut and trim off the excess pieces so that there is about 1/2″ of edge from the place where it was sewn.


Your pillow case progress should look similar to the above photo. Looking so cute huh?!


You know we couldn’t make a project without using the hot glue gun!! I mean…it is a staple item for Glitter & Glue 🙂 Time to grab those dome rivets and glue them down; spacing them out about 2″ apart. And IT IS FINISHED! Only thing left to do is put the insert in and you’re ready to toss it on your couch!!




It is the perfect accent piece that makes a pow of a statement! Enjoy your new decor and I look forward to our next crafting endeavor!


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