Why hello strangers!!!! I say that because I feel like it’s been so long since I have last done a blog post, that I’ve lost any sort of connection to my followers! I’m so sorry folks! There is no other excuse than I have been just plain busy these past few weeks and sadly, crafting has been on the back burner πŸ™ But don’t despair, I’ve come up with some lovely little bits that I’m sure you will all enjoy!

So my Aunt came to me with a request to donate some of my handmade goods for a local Rugby football club to raise money for club costs and field upkeep. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my passion with others and for a good cause. So I decided to base the basket theme around “Pretty Accessories” and hopefully catch the eye of the younger generation. I mean…what girl can pass up sparkly hair pins and pretty necklaces?!


I started out with finding this lovely burlap box and used this as my “basket”. Of course, most of my findings and materials are fromΒ Hobby Lobby, my happy shopping place πŸ™‚ I decided to dress it up a bit by adding this sweet little teal chevron ribbon and pretty floral adornment in the center. For presentation, I added some of my favorite recently purchased paper and add a hand written logo with company info and little touches of glittery buttons.



Isn’t that ampersand the perfect finding?! Works perfectly for my handmade business card!


As far as what I including in the auction basket, I decided to make these adorable DIY elastic hair ties and headbands. As a girl with short hair, I’ve always been envious of those who can wear these fun pieces. So…I just make them to get my fix! πŸ˜‰



I’m someone who loves the fine details, so I was thrilled to find this stamp at Hobby Lobby that says “handmade by yours truly”. So fun to add to my packaging and I topped it off by placing a single teal rose bead for that sweet touch. Cute, right?



Perhaps my favorite project of the bunch are these “oh so pretty” hair pins. Now these I can relate with. I am a bobby pin wearing gal and these chic lil’ pieces are the perfect accessory for short hair gals like myself!



Check out those creamy colored beads on the necklace that I made! Aren’t they just yummy! I’ve said it a million times but yellow is one of my favorite colors to design with and when I saw these chunky set of beads, I couldn’t resist snatching them up!



The last of the bunch are these simple studs, leather arrow wrap bracelet and the “high school spirit headband” (adorned in the local high school colors). These are the cherries on top for this fun auction basket!


It’s like an Easter basket for a big girl! I’d like to see that hiding in my house! πŸ˜‰



I had a blast making this and am hoping that it will benefit the organization and support it’s growth. Thanks for letting me share my latest creations with you and I PROMISE you all that I will ramp up the crafting here over the next couple of weeks. Oh and I need to get atleast one Easter craft on here soon because it is only a week and a half away! Gah! This year is FLYING by! Good night crafting world!!!

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Oh how I LOVE to paint!!! And I don’t seem to do it as often as I would like. But I got asked to do a custom piece for a Client and I was so glad I did. This floral filigree mirror was a beaut to begin with but wowza! Add some creamy white chalkpaint to it, and with a bit of distressing and some darkly tinted minwaz to preserve it, I can’t BELIEVE how much it changes the look! It went from dated to a true statement piece. She is going to hang it right in her entry way for all to see! Here are a few more detailed pics for y’all!


I truly love how the distressing process shows off all of the pretty craftsmanship that was put into this piece. It just highlights all the carved out edges that someone so intricately worked on. Bringing new life to drabby pieces is what makes my heart sing!



I’m am seriously going to to be a on a quest to find a piece like this that I can restore, because I am that in love with it! Annnnddd….BONUS! There is a sweet lil’ shelve to match! Here are a few photos of how it turned out:




Just in time for Spring, I think this piece will be a perfect addition to her home! Thank for letting me share my latest Paint project with you all! Have a lovely weekend and I’m planning to have at least one DIY project for you next week…so stayed tuned!!!

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Spring has SPRUNG!!! Pushing 65 degrees today here in the Greater Seattle area meant my little man in his sandles and shorts (yeah…that’s how we roll in Seattle-shorts are acceptable at anything above 6o) and windows open to let the early Spring breeze in! A rare occurrence happened in the Cook household today; my 2 year old ACTUALLY took a nap! And what does that mean for this Mama…crafting time!!! Bonus was the house was already clean and I didn’t have to feel guilty about putting crafting first πŸ™‚ Anyways, are you all ready to make this adorable and might I say, down right cheery Spring wreath for your front door?! Let’s get started!


Do you guys remember some of the Holiday wreaths that I made? I kinda meshed them together and came up with this fun design! I am in LOVE with some of the spring floral prints that are out there and I came across this specific one at Hobby Lobby and I had to have it! It’s just too cute and I am loving the coral and navy combo and the bonus of the teal makes for the perfect bright and fun design that I need on my boring white front door.


First, thing you gotta do is find some neutral color card stock and cut them into tiny flag buntings for your banner on your piece. Bust out that trusty alphabet stamp set (See…I told you it was a good investment for your craft room!) and your black ink pad. I chose to out “Happy Spring” on my wreath but feel free to put what ever your lil’ heart pleases. You could put “Spring has Sprung” or “Welcome Spring”, just a few more suggestions. Set those aside to dry while you move on to the next step in making your wreath.


Now to covering that lovely foam wreath. Remember that fabric I was mentioning? Grab a yard of your favorite pattern and cut it in strips about 2-3″ wide. Place a strip of hot glue on the back of the wreath and glue down an end of one strip. Once it has dried, go ahead and tightly wrap around and around that piece and continue with all strips until the wreath is completely covered. Make sure you can see the pretty detail or your fabric on the side that will become the front. With the fabric that I chose, I needed to be strategic about the placement of the flowers so that you can see that pretty detail.


The next part is the FUN part. Adding all of the adornments to your wreath! I always find this to be the exciting part because who doesn’t love all of these pretty details that make for the complete look of your wreath. I love the brand Spare Parts at Hobby Lobby. They just have the most adorable items! You can’t go wrong with adding a few of their pieces to your basket πŸ™‚


Start laying out your flowers to get the right feel that you want for your piece. Make sure to mix n’ match colors, textures, and patterns to make an eclectic yet “each piece has a purpose to the overall design”…if that makes sense πŸ™‚ Once you feel good with the placement of them all, adhere them down with your hot glue gun. And I can’t forget to mention my lil’ birdie that I got! You’ll see this little cutie on the final reveal of the wreath!


Add a few more dabs of hot glue to the wreath to add on your little bunting banner and you are DONE!! Are you in love? Cuz I sure am!!!




Awe, it’s just so cute! I sure hope you enjoyed this craft and check out the Blog for more Spring crafts to come!!! Bye all!

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So, I don’t know if any of you saw this photo on my Instagram feed the other day buuuttt these are the basis for this Blog Post. Back story: I found these lovely lil’ shells when I was on vacation in Maui with the Fam and I knew I HAD to have them! They are just too pretty!!! But how would I use them in a craft I asked myself?! πŸ™‚ Well….I came up with a few fun little pieces that I thought I might share with you all!


Awe, I just LOVE the natural colors that each and every shell has. All of their unique textures and markings make for such beautiful lil’ wonders. And they are FREE to just snatch up…it just takes a little effort into picking out your favs. I am one to always look for shells at whatever beach I am at. It’s just something that I have always done since I was a kid. So it makes my heart sing when I find ones that I can re-purpose into something I will use daily and that will forever remind me of where they came from & the happy memories that come along with them!


Some of my favorite shells are clam shells. And these tiny guys (literally…they are only a half inch long, maybe even less) caught my eye when I found them. They each have holes in very similar spots, which in turn makes them perfect little shells for earrings! Paired with those pretty beads that I found at Hobby Lobby,Β these lovelies were made in less than 30 seconds! How precious are these?!


I’ve been on this kick with coin purses and clutches. I found this canvas zipper purse at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t resist getting it. I knew it would make for a perfect lil’ piece to customize with my findings. This project is a simple one. All you need is that canvas coin purse, your shells, and a hot glue gun.


Simply place your shells (and beads if you prefer) on desired areas of the purse. Once you feel like your desire is to your liking, than glue those suckers down. Easy Peasy! Now you have something that you can carry around with you daily and reminds you of your treasure hunting on the beach!


Next, quick little craft I made with a few pieces I found was this statement ring below.


Again, such a simple and fun DIY project to do and in little to no time. Just choose a couple of your favorite beach findings and hot glue onto this flat surface ring that I found at Hobby Lobby. I love this piece because it even has bits of sand still in it reminding me of those memorable beach walks I took with the Hubby and kiddos.


Last craft for the day are these adorable beach inspired vases. Glassware and flower adornments were found at yet again, Hobby Lobby, and with a little bit of hot glue I made these ordinary vases into beach treasures! I glued on some of my favorites varying in size, shape, and color-giving my creations natural beach beauty! This is a fun and simple craft that anyone can do and the perfect addition to a beachy themed bathroom or vignette.


Who knew there would be so many fun crafts that you could do with shells from a days venture! I’ll leave you with just a few more pics of the projects from today’s post and stayed in touch for some Spring tutorials to come!





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Hello, hello!! I don’t know about you, but I am in full swing SPRING mode! All I want is to brighten up my home with pastels everywhere and I am just about ready to store away my dark, depressing winter clothes and bust out my vibrant, floral tops and dresses! Okay, this may be a bit premature but 60 degree days with daffodils and hyacinths in full bloom gets me excited for sunny days to come! Sooo…needless to day, pretty things are coming your way people! Including this A-DORABLE seriously EASY clutch purse. Guys, when I say this is an easy DIY project, I mean it is super easy! And I’m showing you now in 3, 2, 1…


Not too much needed for this craft-just 5 simple materials and supplies:

–Β Β  “Natural Clutch Purse” scu# 800821 from Hobby Lobby (this adorable piece is only $3.99)

–Β Β  Decorative Trim Sequin Chevron Ribbon from Hobby Lobby

–Β Β  Nail Head trim in antique brass

–Β Β  Scissors

–Β Β  Hot Glue Gun


First thing to do is cut the end of a ribbon at an angle to center in the middle of the clutch where you will butt up the other piece to. If you happen to notice the end fraying or the sequins are coming apart- a little tip for you…take a match or a lighter and delicately run across the frayed end. With organza ribbon (which is a plastic material like many other ribbons) it will melt a bit and prevent from fraying. PLEASE oh PLEASE be careful when doing this and only do it for a quick second so it will not catch on fire.


It’s that time again! Plug that hot glue gun in and make sure it is nice and hot! You are now going to apply a thin layer of glue to the bound edge of the ribbon and quickly place down on the edge of the front flap of the clutch. Continue to do on both sides of the ribbon all the way to the upper edge of the clutch.



Now that you are at the upper edge of the clutch flap, turn it over and apply another thin layer of glue to fold the ribbon and make that a clean and hidden edge. Cut the remainder of the ribbon off and trim back as far as you can.


Your edge should look like the above image. Pretty and clean!!!


Once you have done the same to the other side of the clutch, it is time to put on the nail head detail-perhaps my favorite part!!! Grab the rounded nail head tops and space them out how you like on the ribbon. Go ahead and adhere them with your hot glue gun until all are secure on the clutch. And….drum roll….you are DONE! How easy was that?!?! And no sewing machine required-gotta love that!



OH so pretty! This is the perfect accessory for any girl and cost less than 10 bucks to make & I bet only TOOK you 10 minutes to make! Gotta love that! I look forward to making many more pretty things in the next several months with you so I hope you follow along! Happy Crafting friends!!!

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Oh man…I feel like it has been forrr-eh-ver (get it, like from Sandlot) since I have wrote a blog post!!!! But in my defense, February was an EXTREMELY busy month for my little fam. We were traveling bees the past month and my time was limited between packing, working and keeping up the household. But I must say, we had a terrific couple of trips and made some precious memories of which my boys and I will always remember! Here’s just a few photos from our ventures to Cannon Beach, OR and the Island of Maui.






Awe, I already miss those wonderful places…especially Maui πŸ™‚ My mind is still on Island time – lava flows and swimming in the pool with my kiddos was some much needed r & r for this girl! Okay, enough with the vacation chat…onto the important stuff that this blog is all about- Crafting!!!

Sooo, I have a baby shower this upcoming weekend (btw: I LOVE baby showers! Adorable itty bitty outfits are just the best!) and as I was wrapping up the gift and ran into a bit of trouble. This is not the first time it has happened and I wanted to share my small yet significant trick with you because I am sure I am not the only one that has encountered this. I was trying to “get crafty” and add a sweet lil’ bunting banner on the corner of my gift with the cutest gray and white twisted ribbon and as I am threading the bunting, the ribbon gets jammed and starts unravelling. Grrr…I HATE it when that happens! And no matter how many times you try and tightly twist it back up and carefully thread it back in OR you cut off the end to make a fresh start-IT.DOES.IT.AGAIN!!! So, I had a brilliant little idea (light bulb went off) and I grabbed my scotch tape and a pair of scissors and came up with this idea! Get ready folks!


For those of you that didn’t quite get what I was talking about, check out the photo above ^ It makes my palms sweat and my teeth grind just looking at it! (Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic :)) But it does irritate me and I am so happy I have a solution.


Grab some scotch tape and a pair of scissors and that’s all you need for this little trick.


Take a small piece of tape and attach the end of the tape to the end of the ribbon.


Next, tightly wrap the tape around the ribbon 1-2 times around until it is nice and snug. Cut the remainder of the tape off.


Then string the taped end through your buntings and when you are finished cut the tape piece off. Simple. As. That. No more frustration. No more delicately threading it through before it unravels. Easy as pie!




And now you have an adorably sweet little banner for that Mama to Be! Cute huh?!

I have lots of crafts in store in the next few weeks so please stayed tuned for more fun tutorials on some Spring Crafts to brighten up your home for the sunnier days to come!

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