Oh man…I feel like it has been forrr-eh-ver (get it, like from Sandlot) since I have wrote a blog post!!!! But in my defense, February was an EXTREMELY busy month for my little fam. We were traveling bees the past month and my time was limited between packing, working and keeping up the household. But I must say, we had a terrific couple of trips and made some precious memories of which my boys and I will always remember! Here’s just a few photos from our ventures to Cannon Beach, OR and the Island of Maui.






Awe, I already miss those wonderful places…especially Maui 🙂 My mind is still on Island time – lava flows and swimming in the pool with my kiddos was some much needed r & r for this girl! Okay, enough with the vacation chat…onto the important stuff that this blog is all about- Crafting!!!

Sooo, I have a baby shower this upcoming weekend (btw: I LOVE baby showers! Adorable itty bitty outfits are just the best!) and as I was wrapping up the gift and ran into a bit of trouble. This is not the first time it has happened and I wanted to share my small yet significant trick with you because I am sure I am not the only one that has encountered this. I was trying to “get crafty” and add a sweet lil’ bunting banner on the corner of my gift with the cutest gray and white twisted ribbon and as I am threading the bunting, the ribbon gets jammed and starts unravelling. Grrr…I HATE it when that happens! And no matter how many times you try and tightly twist it back up and carefully thread it back in OR you cut off the end to make a fresh start-IT.DOES.IT.AGAIN!!! So, I had a brilliant little idea (light bulb went off) and I grabbed my scotch tape and a pair of scissors and came up with this idea! Get ready folks!


For those of you that didn’t quite get what I was talking about, check out the photo above ^ It makes my palms sweat and my teeth grind just looking at it! (Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic :)) But it does irritate me and I am so happy I have a solution.


Grab some scotch tape and a pair of scissors and that’s all you need for this little trick.


Take a small piece of tape and attach the end of the tape to the end of the ribbon.


Next, tightly wrap the tape around the ribbon 1-2 times around until it is nice and snug. Cut the remainder of the tape off.


Then string the taped end through your buntings and when you are finished cut the tape piece off. Simple. As. That. No more frustration. No more delicately threading it through before it unravels. Easy as pie!




And now you have an adorably sweet little banner for that Mama to Be! Cute huh?!

I have lots of crafts in store in the next few weeks so please stayed tuned for more fun tutorials on some Spring Crafts to brighten up your home for the sunnier days to come!

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