Hello, hello!! I don’t know about you, but I am in full swing SPRING mode! All I want is to brighten up my home with pastels everywhere and I am just about ready to store away my dark, depressing winter clothes and bust out my vibrant, floral tops and dresses! Okay, this may be a bit premature but 60 degree days with daffodils and hyacinths in full bloom gets me excited for sunny days to come! Sooo…needless to day, pretty things are coming your way people! Including this A-DORABLE seriously EASY clutch purse. Guys, when I say this is an easy DIY project, I mean it is super easy! And I’m showing you now in 3, 2, 1…


Not too much needed for this craft-just 5 simple materials and supplies:

–   “Natural Clutch Purse” scu# 800821 from Hobby Lobby (this adorable piece is only $3.99)

–   Decorative Trim Sequin Chevron Ribbon from Hobby Lobby

–   Nail Head trim in antique brass

–   Scissors

–   Hot Glue Gun


First thing to do is cut the end of a ribbon at an angle to center in the middle of the clutch where you will butt up the other piece to. If you happen to notice the end fraying or the sequins are coming apart- a little tip for you…take a match or a lighter and delicately run across the frayed end. With organza ribbon (which is a plastic material like many other ribbons) it will melt a bit and prevent from fraying. PLEASE oh PLEASE be careful when doing this and only do it for a quick second so it will not catch on fire.


It’s that time again! Plug that hot glue gun in and make sure it is nice and hot! You are now going to apply a thin layer of glue to the bound edge of the ribbon and quickly place down on the edge of the front flap of the clutch. Continue to do on both sides of the ribbon all the way to the upper edge of the clutch.



Now that you are at the upper edge of the clutch flap, turn it over and apply another thin layer of glue to fold the ribbon and make that a clean and hidden edge. Cut the remainder of the ribbon off and trim back as far as you can.


Your edge should look like the above image. Pretty and clean!!!


Once you have done the same to the other side of the clutch, it is time to put on the nail head detail-perhaps my favorite part!!! Grab the rounded nail head tops and space them out how you like on the ribbon. Go ahead and adhere them with your hot glue gun until all are secure on the clutch. And….drum roll….you are DONE! How easy was that?!?! And no sewing machine required-gotta love that!



OH so pretty! This is the perfect accessory for any girl and cost less than 10 bucks to make & I bet only TOOK you 10 minutes to make! Gotta love that! I look forward to making many more pretty things in the next several months with you so I hope you follow along! Happy Crafting friends!!!

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