So, I don’t know if any of you saw this photo on my Instagram feed the other day buuuttt these are the basis for this Blog Post. Back story: I found these lovely lil’ shells when I was on vacation in Maui with the Fam and I knew I HAD to have them! They are just too pretty!!! But how would I use them in a craft I asked myself?! 🙂 Well….I came up with a few fun little pieces that I thought I might share with you all!


Awe, I just LOVE the natural colors that each and every shell has. All of their unique textures and markings make for such beautiful lil’ wonders. And they are FREE to just snatch up…it just takes a little effort into picking out your favs. I am one to always look for shells at whatever beach I am at. It’s just something that I have always done since I was a kid. So it makes my heart sing when I find ones that I can re-purpose into something I will use daily and that will forever remind me of where they came from & the happy memories that come along with them!


Some of my favorite shells are clam shells. And these tiny guys (literally…they are only a half inch long, maybe even less) caught my eye when I found them. They each have holes in very similar spots, which in turn makes them perfect little shells for earrings! Paired with those pretty beads that I found at Hobby Lobby, these lovelies were made in less than 30 seconds! How precious are these?!


I’ve been on this kick with coin purses and clutches. I found this canvas zipper purse at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t resist getting it. I knew it would make for a perfect lil’ piece to customize with my findings. This project is a simple one. All you need is that canvas coin purse, your shells, and a hot glue gun.


Simply place your shells (and beads if you prefer) on desired areas of the purse. Once you feel like your desire is to your liking, than glue those suckers down. Easy Peasy! Now you have something that you can carry around with you daily and reminds you of your treasure hunting on the beach!


Next, quick little craft I made with a few pieces I found was this statement ring below.


Again, such a simple and fun DIY project to do and in little to no time. Just choose a couple of your favorite beach findings and hot glue onto this flat surface ring that I found at Hobby Lobby. I love this piece because it even has bits of sand still in it reminding me of those memorable beach walks I took with the Hubby and kiddos.


Last craft for the day are these adorable beach inspired vases. Glassware and flower adornments were found at yet again, Hobby Lobby, and with a little bit of hot glue I made these ordinary vases into beach treasures! I glued on some of my favorites varying in size, shape, and color-giving my creations natural beach beauty! This is a fun and simple craft that anyone can do and the perfect addition to a beachy themed bathroom or vignette.


Who knew there would be so many fun crafts that you could do with shells from a days venture! I’ll leave you with just a few more pics of the projects from today’s post and stayed in touch for some Spring tutorials to come!





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