So, the Hubby and I decided to do a bit of renovating in our Kitchen the past week. And when we get an idea in our head, we go full-throttle, guns a blazzin’ – there is no stopping us! With that being said, we went on down to IKEA, bought an Island with a couple of bar stools, got home – built it all, removed 2 wall-depth base cabinets and 2 wall cabinets, painted the wall annnnddd hung a few pictures. Phew is right!!! How we did all of this with 2 young kiddos in the house baffles me but we sure did it. And now I have some decent condition cabinets just sittin’ in my garage waiting to be re-purposed! True to who I am, I couldn’t just let it sit too long without add my touch to it. So I decided to make this fun Chalkboard Menu board since I’ve been ichin’ to make one but was waiting for inspiration of what to make it out of. And it’s SO. DARN. EASY! Come…let me show you!!!

All you need….

–  A Cabinet Front

–  Chalkboard Paint

–  Paint Brush

–  Chalk

–  Sand Paper to Distress Cabinet

–  Latex Paint Color of your Choice

–  Wood Veneer Letters (from Hobby Lobby)

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any progress photos but I will tell you in detail how I made this project.


First, paint the frame of your door with the latex paint. Allow 2 coats to thoroughly dry. Take your sand paper and lightly distress the corners of the frame until it’s to your liking.

Next, paint the inset panel of your door with the chalkboard paint. Allow 2-3 coats to fully dry. I chose to paint this in the evening and let it dry over night so it definitely got completely dry.

Lastly, take your adhesive letters and stack them down the left side of the chalkboard panel. I lightly placed them on the door until I knew that I had them placed accurately, and then firmly pressed them down. The letters have enough adhesive on them to stay in place and I didn’t need to add any type of glue to make them more permanent.

Add some chalkboard text and VOILA! You are done!!!!




Isn’t it so much fun?!?! And I guarantee you that you will get plenty of use out of this! Have fun finding a spot for your new menu board in your Kitchen! Happy Crafting!!!

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