Happy Fall All!!! Oh boy, I can not even tell you how LONG I have been waiting for Autumn to come. With the hottest Summer on record here in the Evergreen state, needless to say I was ready for Fall in…like…June!! 😉 I have been slowly getting my home ready for Fall since the first and I wanted to share with you a little “tour” of fun DIY decor that you can easily arrange or make for your home! And I’m throwing in another couple of pieces just for fun! Here we go…!


Here’s a peek of my Mustard Yellow buffet fall vignette. I am digging all of the warm fall like colors going on here and I can’t help but wanna cozy on up next to this piece and check out all of the details! One of my fav’s in this tablescape are the rustic wood pumpkin carved candle holders. I found these little gems in a small town down in southern Washington State while visiting some friends. Love it when I can find things and each year pull them out and know that they have a story to go along with them! In love with this scene and will be sad to take it all down once Christmas time arrives!


A fun little view when these sweet pumpkins are lit!!


Close up of the wreath I whipped up. This lovely piece is hanging over my Threshold gray washed window picture frame and I am loving the wall art that it has become! So cozy and lots of texture!


Some branches that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and threw in my TJ Maxx vase. Such easy decor but oh man…I am LOVING how it picks up the rusts and golds that I have throughout my home! So much warmth!


A better view of those pretty little velvet pumpkins. Certainly the most elegant pumpkins hanging out in my home! 🙂


The next three photos are some ideas for different ways to arrange neutral fall decor. Wicker and white are the perfect pairing for a pretty neutral fall vignette! A nice way to add depth and texture without overwhelming you with too much color.


This perhaps is my most favorite little collaboration. I LOVE golden hues and am diggin’ how much texture and variety is in this little piece. Just so much fun to look at!


And lastly, this centerpiece is definitely a statement on my dining room table. I took an empty glass jar (BBQ sauce — hehe!) and filled it with this delicate sparse berry branches. Pretty pairings with neutral pumpkins in various shapes and sizes and not forgetting my rustic wood vase with cinnamon pine cones, and voila!! A lovely neutral centerpiece!!


This sweet and easy little wreath is hanging out on a photo of my oldest and I, reminding me how truly thankful and blessed I am during this beautiful season!



Pretty Fall wreath for the front door! Felt rosettes (love!), wicker pumpkins, burlap galore, and bunting — oh my!


Pretty Details!


Other projects I’ve been up to are creating “Purposeful” decor around my home. This rustic wood caddy conveniently contains pencils for homework time and utensils for mealtime. That way it is one less thing that I have to gather for my impatient littles! 🙂


Close up!!


This funny little guy is part of my not-so-baby baby boy’s 3rd Birthday tomorrow! Minions galore!! Banner pics to come — I promise!


This fun sign was handcrafted by a bundle of reclaimed wood scraps that I got from Hobby Lobby as well as those sweet little metal letters. I was looking for the perfect sign (shape, style) and I just couldn’t find one. I found the materials at Hobby Lobby and I knew I just had to give it a go on making one! And I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out! I see a lot of sign making in my future!! 🙂


Another detailed shot!


To complete my empty wall in the kitchen, I added these lovely various shaped wood carving boards. For some reason, I have an obsession with these puppies lately! I just think they are so pretty and what better than “functional” decor!


Lastly, my FREE furniture makeover! That’s right…I said FREE! I love it when I find free stuff and put my own spin on it. I was in need of finding a storage piece for my basement living space and this 80″ bad boy was just the ticket! Now I have more storage space than I know what to do with! A good problem, I suppose!! 🙂


One more shot of the final room. Loving all of the white and gray!

And there you have it folks! The start of my Fall has been pretty busy and I intend to have it stay that way so that I can share more projects and holiday inspiration with you all! Thanks for following along!

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