I am officially in love with Halloween crafting and decorating!!!! I have to admit…I always thought that decorating for Halloween can be kind of cheesy and tacky and so I never really got into it. And then I had kids. Oh man, everything changed! The kiddos just love it when I decorate for the Holidays and my youngest, especially, LOVES when I decorate the home in “spooky” stuff 🙂 So this year, I have been making it a priority to handmade some unique items for the home that are special to my boys that we can all enjoy year after year! And my favorite — by FAR — is the advent calendar I made as a countdown to Halloween.


Isn’t it just so fun!!! I had this leftover pumpkin wall hanging decor from last year that I painted in black chalkboard paint to make it extra spooky! 🙂 I found these little cardboard stock pockets (all from Hobby Lobby by the way) 10 pack for $1.99! A steal! They did have a sweet little scallop on the top of the pouch but unfortunately, all wouldn’t fit on pumpkin 🙁 So I had to trim that off. But I added these sweet little circle stickers (with googly eyes! Eek!!) and hand wrote the dates on them and they turned out pretty stickin’ cute I think!! I added a sweet little touch by lining the rows with adorable ribbon that I scoped out at Hobby Lobby and then hot glued the rows of pouches on it. Added some haunted house stickers and chalkboard lettering on the bottom and bam! A fun little craft that the kiddos can enjoy all month long!!



By now, you probably all know my love for Holiday wreaths! I just adore making wreaths that are true to the season and I don’t know…I think it’s kinda fun to have various wreathes on the door depicting the season! 🙂 Here is a peek of the one I made for Halloween!


So fun and glitzy huh?! I am loving the glitter and gold, kind of a classier spin on Halloween decor! All supplies again for this craft are from Hobby Lobby…I mean, duh!! Haha, I just love that store 🙂 This was definitely a fun one to make!


And just for fun, here are a few more photos of Halloween fun!


A fun one from last year that I made! I think I’m going to carry on the tradition and make another this year!


I’m in love with these cute lil’ guys! My youngest likes to play ‘musical hats’ with them and that is always a fun little game to make him laugh 🙂


And this one is just for fun. A friend of mine sells Jamberry nails and I am mad crazy about these adorable little jack-o-lanterns! Aren’t they just the cutest!!

Welp, that’s it…for now! I’m sure I will have many for to share with you and maybe even a tutorial or two! Make sure to follow along! Thanks all!

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