Spring has SPRUNG!!! Pushing 65 degrees today here in the Greater Seattle area meant my little man in his sandles and shorts (yeah…that’s how we roll in Seattle-shorts are acceptable at anything above 6o) and windows open to let the early Spring breeze in! A rare occurrence happened in the Cook household today; my 2 year old ACTUALLY took a nap! And what does that mean for this Mama…crafting time!!! Bonus was the house was already clean and I didn’t have to feel guilty about putting crafting first 🙂 Anyways, are you all ready to make this adorable and might I say, down right cheery Spring wreath for your front door?! Let’s get started!


Do you guys remember some of the Holiday wreaths that I made? I kinda meshed them together and came up with this fun design! I am in LOVE with some of the spring floral prints that are out there and I came across this specific one at Hobby Lobby and I had to have it! It’s just too cute and I am loving the coral and navy combo and the bonus of the teal makes for the perfect bright and fun design that I need on my boring white front door.


First, thing you gotta do is find some neutral color card stock and cut them into tiny flag buntings for your banner on your piece. Bust out that trusty alphabet stamp set (See…I told you it was a good investment for your craft room!) and your black ink pad. I chose to out “Happy Spring” on my wreath but feel free to put what ever your lil’ heart pleases. You could put “Spring has Sprung” or “Welcome Spring”, just a few more suggestions. Set those aside to dry while you move on to the next step in making your wreath.


Now to covering that lovely foam wreath. Remember that fabric I was mentioning? Grab a yard of your favorite pattern and cut it in strips about 2-3″ wide. Place a strip of hot glue on the back of the wreath and glue down an end of one strip. Once it has dried, go ahead and tightly wrap around and around that piece and continue with all strips until the wreath is completely covered. Make sure you can see the pretty detail or your fabric on the side that will become the front. With the fabric that I chose, I needed to be strategic about the placement of the flowers so that you can see that pretty detail.


The next part is the FUN part. Adding all of the adornments to your wreath! I always find this to be the exciting part because who doesn’t love all of these pretty details that make for the complete look of your wreath. I love the brand Spare Parts at Hobby Lobby. They just have the most adorable items! You can’t go wrong with adding a few of their pieces to your basket 🙂


Start laying out your flowers to get the right feel that you want for your piece. Make sure to mix n’ match colors, textures, and patterns to make an eclectic yet “each piece has a purpose to the overall design”…if that makes sense 🙂 Once you feel good with the placement of them all, adhere them down with your hot glue gun. And I can’t forget to mention my lil’ birdie that I got! You’ll see this little cutie on the final reveal of the wreath!


Add a few more dabs of hot glue to the wreath to add on your little bunting banner and you are DONE!! Are you in love? Cuz I sure am!!!




Awe, it’s just so cute! I sure hope you enjoyed this craft and check out the Blog for more Spring crafts to come!!! Bye all!

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So, I don’t know if any of you saw this photo on my Instagram feed the other day buuuttt these are the basis for this Blog Post. Back story: I found these lovely lil’ shells when I was on vacation in Maui with the Fam and I knew I HAD to have them! They are just too pretty!!! But how would I use them in a craft I asked myself?! 🙂 Well….I came up with a few fun little pieces that I thought I might share with you all!


Awe, I just LOVE the natural colors that each and every shell has. All of their unique textures and markings make for such beautiful lil’ wonders. And they are FREE to just snatch up…it just takes a little effort into picking out your favs. I am one to always look for shells at whatever beach I am at. It’s just something that I have always done since I was a kid. So it makes my heart sing when I find ones that I can re-purpose into something I will use daily and that will forever remind me of where they came from & the happy memories that come along with them!


Some of my favorite shells are clam shells. And these tiny guys (literally…they are only a half inch long, maybe even less) caught my eye when I found them. They each have holes in very similar spots, which in turn makes them perfect little shells for earrings! Paired with those pretty beads that I found at Hobby Lobby, these lovelies were made in less than 30 seconds! How precious are these?!


I’ve been on this kick with coin purses and clutches. I found this canvas zipper purse at Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t resist getting it. I knew it would make for a perfect lil’ piece to customize with my findings. This project is a simple one. All you need is that canvas coin purse, your shells, and a hot glue gun.


Simply place your shells (and beads if you prefer) on desired areas of the purse. Once you feel like your desire is to your liking, than glue those suckers down. Easy Peasy! Now you have something that you can carry around with you daily and reminds you of your treasure hunting on the beach!


Next, quick little craft I made with a few pieces I found was this statement ring below.


Again, such a simple and fun DIY project to do and in little to no time. Just choose a couple of your favorite beach findings and hot glue onto this flat surface ring that I found at Hobby Lobby. I love this piece because it even has bits of sand still in it reminding me of those memorable beach walks I took with the Hubby and kiddos.


Last craft for the day are these adorable beach inspired vases. Glassware and flower adornments were found at yet again, Hobby Lobby, and with a little bit of hot glue I made these ordinary vases into beach treasures! I glued on some of my favorites varying in size, shape, and color-giving my creations natural beach beauty! This is a fun and simple craft that anyone can do and the perfect addition to a beachy themed bathroom or vignette.


Who knew there would be so many fun crafts that you could do with shells from a days venture! I’ll leave you with just a few more pics of the projects from today’s post and stayed in touch for some Spring tutorials to come!





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Hello, hello!! I don’t know about you, but I am in full swing SPRING mode! All I want is to brighten up my home with pastels everywhere and I am just about ready to store away my dark, depressing winter clothes and bust out my vibrant, floral tops and dresses! Okay, this may be a bit premature but 60 degree days with daffodils and hyacinths in full bloom gets me excited for sunny days to come! Sooo…needless to day, pretty things are coming your way people! Including this A-DORABLE seriously EASY clutch purse. Guys, when I say this is an easy DIY project, I mean it is super easy! And I’m showing you now in 3, 2, 1…


Not too much needed for this craft-just 5 simple materials and supplies:

–   “Natural Clutch Purse” scu# 800821 from Hobby Lobby (this adorable piece is only $3.99)

–   Decorative Trim Sequin Chevron Ribbon from Hobby Lobby

–   Nail Head trim in antique brass

–   Scissors

–   Hot Glue Gun


First thing to do is cut the end of a ribbon at an angle to center in the middle of the clutch where you will butt up the other piece to. If you happen to notice the end fraying or the sequins are coming apart- a little tip for you…take a match or a lighter and delicately run across the frayed end. With organza ribbon (which is a plastic material like many other ribbons) it will melt a bit and prevent from fraying. PLEASE oh PLEASE be careful when doing this and only do it for a quick second so it will not catch on fire.


It’s that time again! Plug that hot glue gun in and make sure it is nice and hot! You are now going to apply a thin layer of glue to the bound edge of the ribbon and quickly place down on the edge of the front flap of the clutch. Continue to do on both sides of the ribbon all the way to the upper edge of the clutch.



Now that you are at the upper edge of the clutch flap, turn it over and apply another thin layer of glue to fold the ribbon and make that a clean and hidden edge. Cut the remainder of the ribbon off and trim back as far as you can.


Your edge should look like the above image. Pretty and clean!!!


Once you have done the same to the other side of the clutch, it is time to put on the nail head detail-perhaps my favorite part!!! Grab the rounded nail head tops and space them out how you like on the ribbon. Go ahead and adhere them with your hot glue gun until all are secure on the clutch. And….drum roll….you are DONE! How easy was that?!?! And no sewing machine required-gotta love that!



OH so pretty! This is the perfect accessory for any girl and cost less than 10 bucks to make & I bet only TOOK you 10 minutes to make! Gotta love that! I look forward to making many more pretty things in the next several months with you so I hope you follow along! Happy Crafting friends!!!

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Oh man…I feel like it has been forrr-eh-ver (get it, like from Sandlot) since I have wrote a blog post!!!! But in my defense, February was an EXTREMELY busy month for my little fam. We were traveling bees the past month and my time was limited between packing, working and keeping up the household. But I must say, we had a terrific couple of trips and made some precious memories of which my boys and I will always remember! Here’s just a few photos from our ventures to Cannon Beach, OR and the Island of Maui.






Awe, I already miss those wonderful places…especially Maui 🙂 My mind is still on Island time – lava flows and swimming in the pool with my kiddos was some much needed r & r for this girl! Okay, enough with the vacation chat…onto the important stuff that this blog is all about- Crafting!!!

Sooo, I have a baby shower this upcoming weekend (btw: I LOVE baby showers! Adorable itty bitty outfits are just the best!) and as I was wrapping up the gift and ran into a bit of trouble. This is not the first time it has happened and I wanted to share my small yet significant trick with you because I am sure I am not the only one that has encountered this. I was trying to “get crafty” and add a sweet lil’ bunting banner on the corner of my gift with the cutest gray and white twisted ribbon and as I am threading the bunting, the ribbon gets jammed and starts unravelling. Grrr…I HATE it when that happens! And no matter how many times you try and tightly twist it back up and carefully thread it back in OR you cut off the end to make a fresh start-IT.DOES.IT.AGAIN!!! So, I had a brilliant little idea (light bulb went off) and I grabbed my scotch tape and a pair of scissors and came up with this idea! Get ready folks!


For those of you that didn’t quite get what I was talking about, check out the photo above ^ It makes my palms sweat and my teeth grind just looking at it! (Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic :)) But it does irritate me and I am so happy I have a solution.


Grab some scotch tape and a pair of scissors and that’s all you need for this little trick.


Take a small piece of tape and attach the end of the tape to the end of the ribbon.


Next, tightly wrap the tape around the ribbon 1-2 times around until it is nice and snug. Cut the remainder of the tape off.


Then string the taped end through your buntings and when you are finished cut the tape piece off. Simple. As. That. No more frustration. No more delicately threading it through before it unravels. Easy as pie!




And now you have an adorably sweet little banner for that Mama to Be! Cute huh?!

I have lots of crafts in store in the next few weeks so please stayed tuned for more fun tutorials on some Spring Crafts to brighten up your home for the sunnier days to come!

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So…I bought this adorable fabric the other day from Hobby Lobby and I have been ichin’ to make these pillows ever since! Do you all ever get tired of seeing the same throw pillows on your couch or bed? Well, I sure do! I am one for constant change which can be a blessing but a curse at the same time. Just a little fact about me…my Husband and I moved 10 times within our first 10 years of marriage, including a short stink on Oahu. Ahhh, I miss that place! So yes, I crave constant change and that includes the decor in my home. But changing the pillow covers is an easy fix with a pow effect. I mean, it can really change the room if you just add some different patterns and colors…it’s amazing! Are you ready to make this super duper easy (even a beginner seamstress can tackle this) project? Here we go!


I’ve added a photo above but there are more materials needed that I will list in addition below:

–   Scissors

–   Fabric of your choice (this pattern I picked up from Hobby Lobby)

–   1.5″ to 2″ thick ribbon of your choice (again from Hobby Lobby)

–   Antique Bronze Dome Rivets (the nailhead bits)

–   Hot glue gun

–   Sewing machine threaded with coordinating thread

–   Pins to mark your sewing areas

–   New or old pillow insert (I prefer a 20″x 20″ size)

*The majority of these materials can be found at Hobby Lobby



Okay, there is probably going to be more photos than words in this post, but for this project I find it easier to explain through the photos 🙂 Grab that pillow insert and your chosen fabric and wrap in the direction of the repeat pattern that you prefer and cut a chunk off leaving the remnant for another project.



Go ahead and grab your chosen ribbon that you would like to add onto your case. Look carefully at the pattern on you fabric and choose an area that you would like to add it to. I chose to run it in between the the larger repeat pattern; not to take away from the prettiness of the detail.


Next, take the fabric and lay pattern face up flat on the floor. Take your pillow and center it over the ribbon, making sure it is in the exact center. This way you can figure out where to pin for sewing purposes. Squish your pillow down and snug the fabric around it, and take 2 little pins to mark the edges to show where you need the width of the pillow case to be. Photo below to also describe.


Now that you know what the width should be, let’s leave that for a bit.


Unfold your pillow and take notice the bottom layer. This is the one that is going to been shown as the fold to put your insert into. So we need to finish this edge off by sewing it so that a frayed edge is not shown. Take that edge and fold once, and then fold that one more time. Take your pins and pin that entire edge to that you can then take it to the sewing machine and make that finished edge permanent.


There! All nice and purty! 🙂


Okay, so now that the edge is finished, it’s time to sew this puppy shut! Remember those 2 pins that we put on both sides of the pillow to show how wide it needs to be? Now it’s time to lay the folded up insert and lay it plat on the floor. Place your pillow insert on the top to double check your work on the width. Grab those pins again and start pinning up the two cut sides close to where the insert is hovering over. We want to make sure that the pillow insert is nice and snug in the pillow case and there is not a lot of excess room in the cover.



Last use of the sewing machine next! Go ahead and sew both of those sides shut and trim off the excess pieces so that there is about 1/2″ of edge from the place where it was sewn.


Your pillow case progress should look similar to the above photo. Looking so cute huh?!


You know we couldn’t make a project without using the hot glue gun!! I mean…it is a staple item for Glitter & Glue 🙂 Time to grab those dome rivets and glue them down; spacing them out about 2″ apart. And IT IS FINISHED! Only thing left to do is put the insert in and you’re ready to toss it on your couch!!




It is the perfect accent piece that makes a pow of a statement! Enjoy your new decor and I look forward to our next crafting endeavor!


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As a Mother of 2 boys, and a girly girl at heart, this craft was so much stinkin’ fun for me to do! This past weekend, I had a baby shower for the 1st GIRL in the Family!!! Eek! So exciting! My MIL came to me and asked if I could make a banner for the shower she was hosting and of course I said I would be happy to! The Mommy-to-Be’s colors are mint, gray and hints of pink with a theme of owls and I was so excited to get to shopping for some inspiration! Obviously…I scooted on down to Hobby Lobby to gather up all of the goodies for this fun project and I was thrilled to find those owl stickers in the PERFECT colors…it’s like it was destiny! And everything else fell into place! But of course, in the hype of my excitement, I forgot to take pictures. Boo. But I can still tell you a bit of how I tackled this craft…if you’re interested 😉 Shall we get started? OKAY!!!

Items needed for this craft:

–   Paper stock (2 main solid colors and an accent of a few different patterns)

–   Scissors

–   Ribbon of your choice

–   Paper clips (I found some fancy little ones at Hobby Lobby)

–   Stickers of your choice

–   Large Letter stickers (Of course, I found these ever so cute ones at Hobby Lobby)

–   Glue Stick

–   Hot Glue Gun

–   Any other adornments you prefer (I added lil bows on the first and last bunting)

–   Lace paper doilies (optional)


I had a template that I traced and cut out of the body suit. Isn’t it just so adorable as the shape of the bunting! Take your 2 solid sheets and alternate them as the body suits.

Next, take a bowl out of your kitchen cabinet. One that is not too large but is big enough to frame in the sticker letters that you bought (and the addition of the lace doily if you choose to add that). Once you have cut out the circle, bust out that glue stick and glue it down in the center of the bodysuit.

Add that paper lace doily if that’s something you’re planning on doing next. Lastly, stick on the letter of which you please and adorn it with any stickers or flower appliques. Easy as that!


Only other step is to add the paper clips onto your buntings and pin them to the ribbon to hang. And VOILA! It is complete! And oh so precious! This project would be the perfect personalized baby gift for that special friend, perfect little Mommy-to-Be project for your new nursery, perfect for hosting a shower for that first time Mama in the Fam…you name it! No matter what it is for, you know that your handmade baby banner will touch the heart of that expectant Mother who is receiving it 🙂



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Oh, I feel like it has been forever since I have written anything! My sincere apologies!!! To be honest, it has been crazy busy around the Cook household annnddd it is only going to get busier! We have a few trips planned this month, plus I have a 90 clock hour class I am about to start up for continued education for my Broker’s license. I am going to be one busy lady over the next few months! I’m sure gonna give it my very best to keep up the blog posts but I’m probably going to have to shave it down to once a week over the following months…. 🙁 Believe me, I’m so very sad to put my crafting on the back burner! But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to give my contribution to the fam!

Anyways, I wanna share with you my latest craft! You remember the sweet lil’ Valentine’s heart and arrow garland I made a few weeks back? Well, I had so many of those adorable little wooden charms left over and I HAD to think of another craft that I can utilize those cute lil’ guys with! And a light went off! Why not make some fun necklaces with them for another Valentine’s Day craft and…well…for everyday wear! Oh they are just so stinkin’ sweet you guys! Let’s not hesitate any longer and get to it!


List of your supplies that you need for this goodie:

–   Scissors

–   Jewelry Pliers

–   Arrow and Heart wood charms

–   Chain and clasps

–   X-ACTO Knife

–   Washi Tape

–   Charms (optional)

*All of these materials can be found at Hobby Lobby.


So I’m gonna show you how to make the charm with the Washi Tape (the others are made exactly the same but without adding the tape). Grab your favorite pattern of Washi Tape and lay the heart charm down on the desired area of the tape that you would like to see. If there is a repetitive pattern, great. If there is not, go ahead and place it on a spot where you are going to get the most out of the pattern. Once you have done that, take your scissors and cut the small section off so it is easier to maneuver the X-ACTO knife. Take the knife and carefully cut closely around the charm. Trim off any excess edges.



Next, take a small screw and make a whole in the top corner of the heart. Go ahead and grab those jewelry pliers and a small hoop, and place it through the hole that you just created. Easy peasy huh?!


Last step is to make the chain of the necklace. Take you pliers, chain, loops, and clasp and open up one of the loops to add the clasp on. You can then add this onto the chain. Add the one last loop on the other end of the chain and you are done! You add your little charm on and you are set to wear it!



I mean, how adorable are these!!!! So, SO cute! These are quick and easy necklaces that would make perfect gifts for Valentine’s day for your girlfriends! Handmade and from the heart 🙂 Have fun crafting y’all!!


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I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a BIG weekend ahead of me! As I’m sure you all know, the Seattle Seahawks are in the Superbowl AGAIN and the boys of the Cook household could not be more excited (and me of course :)) So of course, this was an excellent opportunity to get my craft on being that we are hosting a party this year with all of our close friends! A banner is a MUST to show our support and I had such a great time making this one! The “Hawk” was my fav to make and I wanted to share this fun project with you in case you need some last minute Seahawks decor ideas for your Superbowl 49 festivities!


So I kinda edited the supply and materials list; adding some and deleting some. Here’s a written list below:

–   Scrapbook Paper (dark blue, bright lime green, & light gray)

–   White foam paper (or you can do white Scrapbook paper)

–   Scissors

–   Hot glue gun

–   Glue Stick

–   X-ACTO knife

–   Large Sticker Letters

–   Twine or String

–   Single Hole Puncher


Let’s start with the best part of the banner…the HAWK! Pull up a picture on your phone or computer (best to look up “Seahawk Logo” on Pinterest). Okay, this may be tricky for some but that is why you are using a pencil. Free hand drawing the outline of the Seahawk. Don’t fret, take your time and erase as many times as you need to…nobody is timing you on this. Once you feel like your hawk outline looks good, go ahead and cut it out and set the remaining white paper aside.


Next, take your Seahawk and flip it over. Take your blue paper and trace the outline of the Seahawk onto the paper. Cut it out and get ready to use those amazing free hand skills again! 🙂


Pull up that photo again. Carefully pencil out the face of the Hawk, drawing only the blue spaces of which you’ll be cutting out. You can see on the above picture where those need to be. Again, TAKE YOUR TIME. No need to rush yourself through it.


Cut the areas that you can with scissors. For those smaller and more intricate areas, go ahead and use your X-ACTO knife. Slowly, cut out the areas in which the “White” of the Seahawk will show through.


Your Seahawk should look something like the above pic. Fierce huh?!


Finish by adding the gray area of the Seahawk and the bright green eye. Your Hawk is complete! Time to move on the the letters portion of the banner!


Start by cutting out the approximate size of the bunting that you would prefer. Once you’ve found the right size, use that as a tracing for the other buntings. Trace and cut out 7 pieces.


Cut the ends of your buntings so that they appear as flags. I gathered them all together and cut the bundle but you can cut them individually if you prefer.


Same idea as the outer blue layer, you are going to get a size that you prefer and use that as your tracing. Please make sure that your green “top” layer is smaller than the blue. That way it is framed out and you get to see a good portion of the blue.


Next comes time to glue the layers together. Take your Glue Stick and lather the back of your green bunting and firmly press it down on top of the blue flag, making sure that it is properly placed on top and centered. Continue to do this with all the buntings.


The last couple steps are easy ones. Time to put the letters on the buntings! G-O-H-A-W-K-S are the letters you need and please make sure that you are centering them in the buntings. Easy Peasy huh?!


Very last step!!! Bust out that hole puncher! Punch a hole in each of the top corners of your letters; including the Seahawk. You can see in the photo above that where I punched mine so that it lays nicely on the banner. YOU ARE DONE FOLKS!!!




Looks great huh?! You are definitely ready now for that Superbowl Party and everyone is going to be lovin’ this banner while they are rooting on for the Hawks!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!!


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When I saw this adorable watch face at JoAnn Fabrics the other day, I just knew I had to have it! The Navy and White stripes are so darn cute and combined with the coral beads that I found, it reminded of a Kate Spade piece…of which I am in LOVE with all of her designs! And you guys won’t believe how easy this project is! AND for how little it costs! With everything, I spent only $18! You can’t buy a cute watch for even double that price! This DIY project would be great for gifts or just to treat yourself to something nice 🙂 Are you ready to make this sweet lil’ thing? Let’s get to it!


List of items that you need for this project:

–   Watch face (JoAnn Fabrics has many different styles to choose from)

–   Elastic Threading

–   Beads of your Choice

–   Pliers

–   Crimp beads

–   Scissors

Easy peasy. All of these materials are available at JoAnn Fabrics.


Start by threading your elastic around the end opening of your watch face. Thread on a crimp bead. Make sure your crimp bead is doubled up with the elastic and it is holding your elastic securing on the watch face. With your pliers, press down with all of your might so that your crimp bead has firmly secured the elastic in place. Go ahead and give the elastic a good tug just to make sure that it does not come apart. Continue doing this; two on each end.


Start threading on your beads. Make sure each strand has an even amount of beads. Test the beaded strands for correct length for your wrist by holding it up and wrapping it around your arm. You don’t want the strands to be too long, but nice and snug instead. Once you have the right amount of beads on, disregard the remainder for another craft in the future.


Add two more crimp beads; one on each strand. Almost done!


Now, as you did when we first started, loop your elastic strand around the watch end and then back through those last crimp beads that you just applied. Tighten your elastic strand and clamp down on your crimp beads making them firmly secure. That sucker isn’t gonna go anywhere! 🙂


Your watch should look something like the above picture. Please make sure there is no slack in your elastic and between your beads. The elastic will only stretch with time and we don’t want it to already by loose 🙂


Once you’ve made sure that the elastic and nice and tight, cut off any remaining pieces only leaving a small amount at the ends. Now, take your plyers and take that small piece and thread it back in the first bead next to it. We want to make sure that the loose strands are tucked away. Do this to all four strands. And….VOILA! You. Are. Done. How quick was that?!!!



So stinkin’ cute huh? And I would probably bet you are going to get multiple compliments and the awesome thing is…you can say YOU made it! Ha! SO great! Thanks everyone for following along! Stayed tuned this week for a few Seahawks crafts to come! This household is getting ready for the Superbowl and of course there has to be some handmade decor for it!! 🙂 GO HAWKS!!!

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Oh boy, this miiggghhht be my favorite DIY project to date! I had so much fun making this and it sure helped with all of the Seattle sun giving me inspiration to make this sunburst mirror! Do you all ever see a mirror at any retail shops that you fall in LOVE with but can’t imagine paying an arm & a leg for it? I mean…seriously, some of these mirrors that I see are pushing $100!!! And guess how much this fun little project cost me? $15!!! Only 15 bucks, plus I have left over materials for another project in the future. Wanna learn how to make this? Well, let’s get to it!!



Items needed for this project:

–   Circular Mirror

–   Wooden Sticks (both large & small)

–   Hot Glue Gun

–   Latex Paint (color of your choice)

–   Nailhead

–   Paint Brush

–   Dark Stain Minwax Finishing Wax and Old Rag

Most of these Materials can be found at Hobby Lobby. You probably could have guessed that by now though, huh?! 🙂


First, start by getting a count of sticks that you need. An easy way to do this (instead of guessing and painting more/less than you need) is to lay out the sticks on the mirror to get an accurate guess of pieces that you need to paint. Get that paint and brush ready!


Get ready to get some paint on your fingers! If you are using latex based paint, you probably only need one layer of paint. And on this gorgeous day, by the time I was done with my last stick, practically all of the painted sticks were dry! But definitely make sure that all are dry before you move on to the next step.


Now that your sticks are dry, it’s time to start applying them to the back of the mirror. Turn your mirror over and plug in your glue gun. Once, it’s nice and hot, start by gluing the sticks as you would a compass; one on the north end of the mirror, one directly south of that, one on the east side and one on the west. Next, glue one in between each of the four sticks. You should now have 8 sticks glued down that are evenly spaced around the circular mirror. Lastly, glue 2 sticks in the openings and continue all the way around the mirror until you are finished.


When you flip over your mirror, it should look something resembling this above. Starting to look quite nice, huh?!


Next step is to add the longer sticks behind the previously glued shorted ones. This step is quite easy to describe…all you have to do is glue in the spacing between the front sticks. See the above photo for a better depiction of the explanation. Do this until you have a double layer of sticks all the way around your mirror. One step closer to being done!


Your mirror is sure coming along! Look at how great it looks already! Now it is time to add the fun details 🙂


Grab that hot glue gun once more and start gluing the nailhead on to the perimeter of your mirror. Continue all the way around until you connect with the other end.


Man oh man, I am a sucker for nailhead! I just love the way it changes the personality of the piece and the texture it gives!


Very last step, although not a necessary step (but I LOVE the look it gives), is adding a layer of dark brown Minwax Finishing Wax to your painted sunburst. Take an old rag (one you don’t quite care about) and apply a small amount of the wax evenly on the rag. Spread it across each of your painted sticks. When you are doing this, do it organic and randomly. Make some lighter, some darker. It gives interest and depth to your custom created piece. Stand back and look at your master piece!!!


Isn’t it beautiful! Oh, and I just so pleased with how it turned out! And I hope you are too! I’ll leave you with just a few photos of different angles on the mirror. Thanks for crafting along with me and I will be sure to to have a fun new project in store for you all soon!





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