I am officially in love with Halloween crafting and decorating!!!! I have to admit…I always thought that decorating for Halloween can be kind of cheesy and tacky and so I never really got into it. And then I had kids. Oh man, everything changed! The kiddos just love it when I decorate for the Holidays and my youngest, especially, LOVES when I decorate the home in “spooky” stuff πŸ™‚ So this year, I have been making it a priority to handmade some unique items for the home that are special to my boys that we can all enjoy year after year! And my favorite — by FAR — is the advent calendar I made as a countdown to Halloween.


Isn’t it just so fun!!! I had this leftover pumpkin wall hanging decor from last year that I painted in black chalkboard paint to make it extra spooky! πŸ™‚ I found these little cardboard stock pockets (all from Hobby Lobby by the way) 10 pack for $1.99! A steal! They did have a sweet little scallop on the top of the pouch but unfortunately, all wouldn’t fit on pumpkin πŸ™ So I had to trim that off. But I added these sweet little circle stickers (with googly eyes! Eek!!) and hand wrote the dates on them and they turned out pretty stickin’ cute I think!! I added a sweet little touch by lining the rows with adorable ribbon that I scoped out at Hobby Lobby and then hot glued the rows of pouches on it. Added some haunted house stickers and chalkboard lettering on the bottom and bam! A fun little craft that the kiddos can enjoy all month long!!



By now, you probably all know my love for Holiday wreaths! I just adore making wreaths that are true to the season and I don’t know…I think it’s kinda fun to have various wreathes on the door depicting the season! πŸ™‚ Here is a peek of the one I made for Halloween!


So fun and glitzy huh?! I am loving the glitter and gold, kind of a classier spin on Halloween decor! All supplies again for this craft are from Hobby Lobby…I mean, duh!! Haha, I just love that store πŸ™‚ This was definitely a fun one to make!


And just for fun, here are a few more photos of Halloween fun!


A fun one from last year that I made! I think I’m going to carry on the tradition and make another this year!


I’m in love with these cute lil’ guys! My youngest likes to play ‘musical hats’ with them and that is always a fun little game to make him laugh πŸ™‚


And this one is just for fun. A friend of mine sells Jamberry nails and I am mad crazy about these adorable little jack-o-lanterns! Aren’t they just the cutest!!

Welp, that’s it…for now! I’m sure I will have many for to share with you and maybe even a tutorial or two! Make sure to follow along! Thanks all!

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Happy Fall All!!! Oh boy, I can not even tell you how LONG I have been waiting for Autumn to come. With the hottest Summer on record here in the Evergreen state, needless to say I was ready for Fall in…like…June!! πŸ˜‰ I have been slowly getting my home ready for Fall since the first and I wanted to share with you a little “tour” of fun DIY decor that you can easily arrange or make for your home! And I’m throwing in another couple of pieces just for fun! Here we go…!


Here’s a peek of my Mustard Yellow buffet fall vignette. I am digging all of the warm fall like colors going on here and I can’t help but wanna cozy on up next to this piece and check out all of the details! One of my fav’s in this tablescape are the rustic wood pumpkin carved candle holders. I found these little gems in a small town down in southern Washington State while visiting some friends. Love it when I can find things and each year pull them out and know that they have a story to go along with them! In love with this scene and will be sad to take it all down once Christmas time arrives!


A fun little view when these sweet pumpkins are lit!!


Close up of the wreath I whipped up. This lovely piece is hanging over my Threshold gray washed window picture frame and I am loving the wall art that it has become! So cozy and lots of texture!


Some branches that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and threw in my TJ Maxx vase. Such easy decor but oh man…I am LOVING how it picks up the rusts and golds that I have throughout my home! So much warmth!


A better view of those pretty little velvet pumpkins. Certainly the most elegant pumpkins hanging out in my home! πŸ™‚


The next three photos are some ideas for different ways to arrange neutral fall decor. Wicker and white are the perfect pairing for a pretty neutral fall vignette! A nice way to add depth and texture without overwhelming you with too much color.


This perhaps is my most favorite little collaboration. I LOVE golden hues and am diggin’ how much texture and variety is in this little piece. Just so much fun to look at!


And lastly, this centerpiece is definitely a statement on my dining room table. I took an empty glass jar (BBQ sauce — hehe!) and filled it with this delicate sparse berry branches. Pretty pairings with neutral pumpkins in various shapes and sizes and not forgetting my rustic wood vase with cinnamon pine cones, and voila!! A lovely neutral centerpiece!!


This sweet and easy little wreath is hanging out on a photo of my oldest and I, reminding me how truly thankful and blessed I am during this beautiful season!



Pretty Fall wreath for the front door! Felt rosettes (love!), wicker pumpkins, burlap galore, and bunting — oh my!


Pretty Details!


Other projects I’ve been up to are creating “Purposeful” decor around my home. This rustic wood caddy conveniently contains pencils for homework time and utensils for mealtime. That way it is one less thing that I have to gather for my impatient littles! πŸ™‚


Close up!!


This funny little guy is part of my not-so-baby baby boy’s 3rd Birthday tomorrow! Minions galore!! Banner pics to come — I promise!


This fun sign was handcrafted by a bundle of reclaimed wood scraps that I got from Hobby Lobby as well as those sweet little metal letters. I was looking for the perfect sign (shape, style) and I just couldn’t find one. I found the materials at Hobby Lobby and I knew I just had to give it a go on making one! And I was pleasantly surprised on how it turned out! I see a lot of sign making in my future!! πŸ™‚


Another detailed shot!


To complete my empty wall in the kitchen, I added these lovely various shaped wood carving boards. For some reason, I have an obsession with these puppies lately! I just think they are so pretty and what better than “functional” decor!


Lastly, my FREE furniture makeover! That’s right…I said FREE! I love it when I find free stuff and put my own spin on it. I was in need of finding a storage piece for my basement living space and this 80″ bad boy was just the ticket! Now I have more storage space than I know what to do with! A good problem, I suppose!! πŸ™‚


One more shot of the final room. Loving all of the white and gray!

And there you have it folks! The start of my Fall has been pretty busy and I intend to have it stay that way so that I can share more projects and holiday inspiration with you all! Thanks for following along!

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Umm, soooo, I apologize. I have not done one single blog posts in MONTHS and I feel like a down right horrible person. We have been so busy this Summer and I am not gonna lie when I say that time has gotten away from me. I mean…school starts in 10 days — 10 DAYS!!! That’s crazy!!!

I have been crafty this summer (it’s nearly impossible for me not to create something) but I just haven’t documented any of my creations. Boo. Buuuuut, I do want to share some of my creations with you even though I don’t have any tutorials to go along with them. As always, if you are interested in how I made any of these, don’t hesitate to holler at me and I can give you a step by step on the project. Here it goes:


This lovely beauty is a custom piece that I made for a bride and her ‘woodsy chic’ Wedding coming up in October. I miss making Wedding Fascinators so bad! All of the materials are so darn pretty and it is so rewarding making something so special for someone on the best day of their life!


Pretty, pretty!!!


This piece was a fun one! In the midst of my crazy Summer, I taught my first painting class at the local Community College. I was mortified but it ended being so much fun! A lot of prep work went into the curriculum but definitely worth it when I finished. It was something fun to check off the list!


This piece had so many details that I wanted to highlight and it sure was a fun one to distress!


Just lovely huh?! I painted this beauty in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint // French Linen. Quite the color! Can’t wait to paint something else with the remainder of my paint!


Just for kicks (and I was running low on jewelry) I made these DIY tassel necklaces. Love that the tassel thing is popular right now because they sure look fun with a bright summer dress!


Painted this lovely lady in a midnight blue with white accents even down to the hardware. I am loving how it turned out in the mini makeover of our Master Bedroom. It definitely makes a statement in our otherwise soft and muted room. Here are a few more photos of the piece and the little DIY projects I did to update the room.


DSC_0198 (1)

DSC_0195 (1)

DIY pillow covers to top off the makeover. I’m a sucker for detail and the scalloped fabric I got from Hobby Lobby was the perfect find. So cute!


These DIY signs that I made are the perfect touch for moving around the house. And did I mention how EASY they were to make?! Like this ‘Hello Sunshine’ one took maybe 10 minutes to make. Crazy huh?! Materials all from Hobby Lobby and I could seriously make like 20 more. I’m in love.






The metal ampersand is my absolute fav. I’m gonna have to go back and grab a few more just to have on hand πŸ™‚


I’ve been wanting to make a wood slice wall art for quite some time now. I think I may be addicted now. You will probably see at least a few more of these in upcoming blogs for various seasons. They are so fun to make and I love the simplicity and the rustic vibe they have. A great piece to layer in on a table vignette.



Lastly, my $7 find at Goodwill. Once was dingy, beaten up and without a home. Now a lovely, two-toned, statement piece that I am proud to display in my home. Two different colors of Milkpaint and quite a lot of prep and finish work but she turned out quite pretty. Here are a few more pics showing off the details.




I was a bit nervous about the two-tone but sure glad I took the risk!


Well folks….that’s what I have been up to this summer. But I can tell you that I am absolutely, without a doubt, so incredibly READY for FALL!!!!!! And I have got some goodies up my sleeve so not to fret, I will be more consistently be blogging come Fall πŸ™‚

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Tis the season for Weddings!!! Ahhhh…how I love LOVE! Summers around here are hopping for couples tying the knot and I jump at any chance to add some DIY touch to their special day. I had to share a few pieces that I made for my Cousin-in-Law’s Bridal Shower that I had a blast making! Today’s post is more “show and tell” rather than a tutorial but as always, if you wanna know how I made these, please don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s a few pics of the “From Miss to Mrs.” bunting banner that is too cute!




I’m loving this paper that I found from Running with Scissors with the delicate lace detail ( very appropriate for the whole wedding thing πŸ™‚ ) and these bridal inspired stickers were the perfect touch to finish this fun piece.


This next craft was ultra fun and easy to create! Now, I’m not sure where this heart shaped chalkboard came from being that my Mother-in-Law gave it to me. But it’s sure cute isn’t it?! πŸ˜‰ I’m not gonna lie though, I erased and started over many MANY times. I mean maaannnnyy times. But I thinked it turned pretty! Here’s a couple more photos for you to enjoy!




Add a little DIY to your Wedding! It definitely adds a personal touch and others will enjoy it as well as make your special day memorable!

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So, the Hubby and I decided to do a bit of renovating in our Kitchen the past week. And when we get an idea in our head, we go full-throttle, guns a blazzin’ – there is no stopping us! With that being said, we went on down to IKEA, bought an Island with a couple of bar stools, got home – built it all, removed 2 wall-depth base cabinets and 2 wall cabinets, painted the wall annnnddd hung a few pictures. Phew is right!!! How we did all of this with 2 young kiddos in the house baffles me but we sure did it. And now I have some decent condition cabinets just sittin’ in my garage waiting to be re-purposed! True to who I am, I couldn’t just let it sit too long without add my touch to it. So I decided to make this fun Chalkboard Menu board since I’ve been ichin’ to make one but was waiting for inspiration of what to make it out of. And it’s SO. DARN. EASY! Come…let me show you!!!

All you need….

–Β  A Cabinet Front

–Β  Chalkboard Paint

–Β  Paint Brush

–Β  Chalk

–Β  Sand Paper to Distress Cabinet

–Β  Latex Paint Color of your Choice

–Β  Wood Veneer Letters (from Hobby Lobby)

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any progress photos but I will tell you in detail how I made this project.


First, paint the frame of your door with the latex paint. Allow 2 coats to thoroughly dry. Take your sand paper and lightly distress the corners of the frame until it’s to your liking.

Next, paint the inset panel of your door with the chalkboard paint. Allow 2-3 coats to fully dry. I chose to paint this in the evening and let it dry over night so it definitely got completely dry.

Lastly, take your adhesive letters and stack them down the left side of the chalkboard panel. I lightly placed them on the door until I knew that I had them placed accurately, and then firmly pressed them down. The letters have enough adhesive on them to stay in place and I didn’t need to add any type of glue to make them more permanent.

Add some chalkboard text and VOILA! You are done!!!!




Isn’t it so much fun?!?! And I guarantee you that you will get plenty of use out of this! Have fun finding a spot for your new menu board in your Kitchen! Happy Crafting!!!

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Hey All! I don’t know about you…but it has been an absolutely GORGEOUS Spring so far! And I am trying oh so hard to keep up with my crafting but to be honest, most of my time has been spent outside getting our yard and garden ready for Spring! I have to admit though, I have been ichin’ to do a spring craft lately and add some pops of color around the house. As you’ve seen in my past few blogs, I have had a love affair with paper lately and it’s all because of the new local paper shop that has opened up called Running With Scissors. I can’t help myself when it comes to pretty paper and now have a good stash for spur of the moment craft endeavors! And this was just the day for it! I decided to make these precious lil’ paper roses and make some fun decor creations using them. Ready to check out what I did?!

DIY Rosette Vase


This piece was SUPER DUPER easy to make and such a lovely decor addition to my home! I found the vase in the new DIY/Craft section of Target (which if you haven’t seen yet, you gotta check it out). It is the sweetest little white matte clay vase with a lovely shape and only $5. Okay, so the next few photos are going to show you how to make the paper rosettes and then I will show you how I applied them to the vase.


Items needed for this Craft:

–Β  Paper of your choice (try to grab at least 3 different patterns that coordinate with each other)

–Β  Vase (from Target)

–Β  Hot Glue Gun and extra Glue Stick

–Β  Scissors (which I forgot to show in the photo/oops-my bad!)


First, take a square piece of paper (really any size you want/you’re gonna make some of all sizes) and cut it into a circle. At any part, start cutting the circle into a big spiral leaving about a 1/2″ to 1″ of space until you reach the very center. Leave a small space in the center to attach rosette with hot glue.


Start rolling up the end tightly until you reach the very center. This may get a bit tricky as you near the end but try and keep the roll tight so that the rosette appears to have lots of layers.


Your cute little rosette should look something like the one shown above. Pretty huh?!


Finish it off by adding a dab of hot glue to the bottom and pressing the middle of your flower down until the glue cools and hardens. You’ve made your first rosette!


Now that you’ve made a few more of those, it’s time to add them to your vase. Make sure your rosettes vary in sizes (it makes for a more interesting look on your vase). Keep that hot glue gun plugged in cause your gonna need it next!


Pick out three of your favorite rosettes – all varying in size and paper pattern and get ready to apply the glue. Add a dab to the back and position it onto your vase off the the side, right as the vase starts curving up to the opening. Apply the other two to form a little triangle – though slightly of centered. It should look something like the picture below.


Ultra cute and ho so pretty! Now you’re ready to display this puppy and it really only took you less than 30 minutes to make!


DIY “Home Sweet Home” Rosette Sign

Oh boy! I am so excited to show you this next craft! I think I’m IN LOVE! Check it out!


So cute huh?! And…yet again…so easy to make! I must admit though~this one takes a bit longer to make. But I ensure you that your time is well spent. Let’s get to it!


Take a blank canvas (I chose a 8×8″ in size) and pencil out the saying “Home Sweet Home” on it. Now, if you’re like me, I have a hard time figuring out which type of font to use so I ALWAYS go to Pinterest and search for different fonts to mimic for my projects. I chose this ever so popular cursive font cause…well…I’m kinda in love with it right now πŸ™‚ When it’s to your liking, bust out the paint cause you’re gonna need it!


Find some regular ole black acrylic paint (I’m sure you have some somewhere!) and the finest little paint brush you can find. Slowly and carefully start tracing your pencil lines with that paint. This is not a race folks. Take your time so that you don’t make mistakes. And if you do, not to worry. Just find some white paint, paint it over, let dry and try again. You’ll do fine, trust me.


Ta-Da! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it! And it looks great!


Now, take about eight or so varying roses and place them to your liking on your piece of art. I like to use the biggest ones in the center and gradually get smaller as you are curving around your lettering. Make it appear as a half wreath; shaping out the saying. Glue those bad boys down.


Annnndddd, it should look something like this! Super cute!


Add a piece of twine to hang by gluing down on both ends and you are done my friends!




Isn’t that just the sweetest thing! Thanks for following along y’all and hope you enjoyed these couple crafts with easy DIY paper rosettes! Until next time!!!

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I’ve. Got. Baby. Fever. I just can’t help myself! I have a 7 year (going on 13) year old and a lil’ rascal of a 2 1/2 year old and I am MISSING that sweet cuddly infant age! Not to mention the fact that I am surrounded by friends and family member’s who just had their sweet little ones or are going to have them soon. So being the fact that I am NOT pregnant right now, nor will be in the near time future, I HAD to get my baby fix by making something nursery related to keep my sanity πŸ˜‰ Soooo…off to the local Paper Store and low and behold, I found this absolutely PRECIOUS paper that I had to have! Picked up some letters and thought, “Wouldn’t this be so sweet as some sort of Nursery Decor?” And, welp, no more than 5 minutes later, I have this cute sign that I am gushing over! And oh so easy and just as cute as any Etsy order but only cost a few bucks! Let me give you a quick overview on how I made this and how you can too!


Okay, so I know there are a few extra pieces in my materials photo, but I always seem to start off with a thought and quickly ixnay it after I get to work. So here is your list folks:

–Β  Craft paper (pattern of your choice)

–Β  Sticker Letters (fairly decent in size/atleast 3″ tall)

–Β  Scissors

–Β  Some cute lil’ Adornment (I chose to stick with the Heart theme)

–Β  A Frame to put your Artwork in

That’s it. You may even have all of this sitting around in that Craft room of yours! πŸ™‚


First, choose a saying. I chose to keep it simple. “You are Loved”. So sweet. Start out in the top right-hand corner of your paper. Make sure you leave room for frame clearance. Try and keep your letters nice and straight as you are placing out the work. Draw in pencil a line if you have to…you definitely don’t want it to look sloppy and try and have to un-peel those stickers. Directly under the first word, start your second word and so on. When it’s all said and done, it should look somewhat like the next photo.


Cute, huh?! And just one more easy step and you are done! So fast isn’t it?!?!


Take your cute little accent piece and place it in the position to your liking. If it is something that you have to puncture through to place, mark the front of the piece so you know where the placement should be and carefully press through so that nothing rips. Fold down the flaps to secure it and double check it’s placement by flipping back around to the front and make sure it’s to your liking. You. Are. DONE!


Open up that frame and place your masterpiece in it! Now time to see how it looks!


So ADORABLE! Perfect addition to your Nursery or even makes a sweet gift for that next baby shower! Thanks for Crafting with me and I look forward to the next venture!


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Okay, okay. I know it’s been a while. But I am BACK! Life has gotten ca-razy the past few months and I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with my lovely little blog. It stinks when you have to put the things you love on the back burner but such as life…am I right? Well, how have you all been?! Hopefully well, and ready for Spring AND Summer right around the corner! One thing out of the many that I love about Spring is all of the fun, fresh decor that is out in stores. I am a sucker for anything bright, fresh and cheery and I was recently browsing the isles of my one of my favorite stores TARGET and came across this absolutely adorable twine wrapped Sunburst Mirror. Of course, being the crafter that I am, the first thing that popped into my head was…I can make that!! So that is what I did today and I wanna share how I made this beauty for a fraction of the retail cost and how you can too! Let’s get started!


Not to0 many materials needed for this craft and I was doing my happy dance when I realized that I had EVERYTHING in my craft room! Woo-hoo! Saved a trip to the craft store and that made the Hubby happy too πŸ™‚ Here’s the list y’all:

–Β  Circle Mirror

–Β  Copper Wire

–Β  Scissors

–Β  Trim of your Choice (I grabbed this fun piece at Hobby Lobby)

–Β  Twine

–Β  Hot Glue Gun


First things first, take your scissors and cut 12 same length strips. Easy as pie.


I’m not gonna lie. This next step is tedious. VERY tedious. But you will not regret your hard work, I promise. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the tip of the copper wire. Quickly grab your twine and twist it onto the wire so that the glue dries and adheres it firmly.


Now that the end is secured, start doing the twist! Not the dance silly, hehe, but start twisting it around and around until you reach the end of the copper wire and hot glue that sucker again. One down…only eleven more to go! I suggest making three and taking a quick break. Only four rounds of that and the majority of the craft is through!


Annnndddd…the finished product! Now time for some coffee πŸ™‚ When you’re up to it, we’ll move on to the next step.


Just a few more steps…you are almost done!!! You can DO IT! This step is easy. All you need to do is straighten and shape the loops. Should be simple to do; the copper wire is very flexible and easy to work with.


Once you’re done with that, go ahead and glue the ends together. Not really necessary but it will make it easier when applying onto the mirror, trust me!


Now comes the fun part! It is all starting to come together! Turn the mirror over and lay out how you want the twine loops to be placed. Once you’re happy with the placement, plug in that hot glue gun and get ready to make it permanent!


Isn’t it starting to look purdy! Just onnnneee last step and itΒ  will be complete!


Take that lovely trim that you chose and hot glue it around the perimeter of the mirror. A sweet lil’ finishing touch that makes it extra special.


And you are DONE! All of that hard work has paid off, and for a fraction of the price for the “sold in store” version and a million times better because YOU made it yourself. Bravo my Friend! A few more pics to follow of the Sunburst Mirror but before I go, I want to let you know that I already have a couple crafts up my sleeve so stay in touch for more blogs to come! Thanks All!!!




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Why hello strangers!!!! I say that because I feel like it’s been so long since I have last done a blog post, that I’ve lost any sort of connection to my followers! I’m so sorry folks! There is no other excuse than I have been just plain busy these past few weeks and sadly, crafting has been on the back burner πŸ™ But don’t despair, I’ve come up with some lovely little bits that I’m sure you will all enjoy!

So my Aunt came to me with a request to donate some of my handmade goods for a local Rugby football club to raise money for club costs and field upkeep. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my passion with others and for a good cause. So I decided to base the basket theme around “Pretty Accessories” and hopefully catch the eye of the younger generation. I mean…what girl can pass up sparkly hair pins and pretty necklaces?!


I started out with finding this lovely burlap box and used this as my “basket”. Of course, most of my findings and materials are fromΒ Hobby Lobby, my happy shopping place πŸ™‚ I decided to dress it up a bit by adding this sweet little teal chevron ribbon and pretty floral adornment in the center. For presentation, I added some of my favorite recently purchased paper and add a hand written logo with company info and little touches of glittery buttons.



Isn’t that ampersand the perfect finding?! Works perfectly for my handmade business card!


As far as what I including in the auction basket, I decided to make these adorable DIY elastic hair ties and headbands. As a girl with short hair, I’ve always been envious of those who can wear these fun pieces. So…I just make them to get my fix! πŸ˜‰



I’m someone who loves the fine details, so I was thrilled to find this stamp at Hobby Lobby that says “handmade by yours truly”. So fun to add to my packaging and I topped it off by placing a single teal rose bead for that sweet touch. Cute, right?



Perhaps my favorite project of the bunch are these “oh so pretty” hair pins. Now these I can relate with. I am a bobby pin wearing gal and these chic lil’ pieces are the perfect accessory for short hair gals like myself!



Check out those creamy colored beads on the necklace that I made! Aren’t they just yummy! I’ve said it a million times but yellow is one of my favorite colors to design with and when I saw these chunky set of beads, I couldn’t resist snatching them up!



The last of the bunch are these simple studs, leather arrow wrap bracelet and the “high school spirit headband” (adorned in the local high school colors). These are the cherries on top for this fun auction basket!


It’s like an Easter basket for a big girl! I’d like to see that hiding in my house! πŸ˜‰



I had a blast making this and am hoping that it will benefit the organization and support it’s growth. Thanks for letting me share my latest creations with you and I PROMISE you all that I will ramp up the crafting here over the next couple of weeks. Oh and I need to get atleast one Easter craft on here soon because it is only a week and a half away! Gah! This year is FLYING by! Good night crafting world!!!

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Oh how I LOVE to paint!!! And I don’t seem to do it as often as I would like. But I got asked to do a custom piece for a Client and I was so glad I did. This floral filigree mirror was a beaut to begin with but wowza! Add some creamy white chalkpaint to it, and with a bit of distressing and some darkly tinted minwaz to preserve it, I can’t BELIEVE how much it changes the look! It went from dated to a true statement piece. She is going to hang it right in her entry way for all to see! Here are a few more detailed pics for y’all!


I truly love how the distressing process shows off all of the pretty craftsmanship that was put into this piece. It just highlights all the carved out edges that someone so intricately worked on. Bringing new life to drabby pieces is what makes my heart sing!



I’m am seriously going to to be a on a quest to find a piece like this that I can restore, because I am that in love with it! Annnnddd….BONUS! There is a sweet lil’ shelve to match! Here are a few photos of how it turned out:




Just in time for Spring, I think this piece will be a perfect addition to her home! Thank for letting me share my latest Paint project with you all! Have a lovely weekend and I’m planning to have at least one DIY project for you next week…so stayed tuned!!!

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